Bryan Berrios chats to The Idle Man

Bryan Berrios

We interview blogger and photographer Bryan Berrios to find his tips on how to grow your social media, fashion advice, and his plans for the future. 

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We’re continuing our mission to find the most influential style icons across the globe, and this week we’re with blogger and photographer Bryan Berrios. Despite his day job as a busser Bryan still manages to devote himself to his work and has gained over 19,000 followers on his Instagram.

His no filter shots project the plain fun of the wild generation he belongs to, and his loud and adventurous personality shines through in his images. As he gains momentum and followers all over the globe we couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk with this influential blogger.

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How has your year been so far? Any highlights?

Well actually 2015 has been the craziest year ever. First of all I moved to NYC by myself at 18 years old, then in September I turned 19 and lost my virginity. I bought a $1000 lens for my camera. I broke into lots of places in the city so I got arrested a couple times for trespassing, but was worth it just to get the perfect shot! So yeah it’s been my first year living the dream.

Bryon Berrios

What tunes can you not stop playing at the moment?

R.I.P. 2 My Youth by The neighborhood, it’s definitely my song right now.

What do you look for in a guy’s wardrobe?

The most important thing is definitely to take risks in fashion, especially with colours and accessories. We’re men so we don’t have lots of options. However we can still do a lot, we just have to try.

What’s one bit of fashion advice you have for men out there?

My personal advice in fashion is that V-neck white shirts are the most useful and hottest accessory ever, you just need to know how to wear them.

Bryan Berrios


1 tip to grow your social media

Put your heart, interests and soul into all your posts! Let the people know you by your pictures.

Bryon Berrios

Worst dating experience?

Well every time I’m nervous I get diarrhea. So you guys can imagine!

Bryon Berrios

Who’s the most stylish man on the planet for you so far?

My idol in style is the model Jordan Henrion. He’s the coolest.

Byron Berrios
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What kind of style are you into?

I’m a wild kid from a new generation. I love old school tendencies. I think that everyone looks better with a cigarette, and that point and shoot film cameras should be all that we have in our pockets.

What are you going to be up to in 2016?

Take lots of pictures and work! Make money so I can save for college, and go to clubs with my fake ID.



We interview blogger and photographer Bryan Berrios to find his tips on how to grow your social media, fashion advice, and his plans for the future. ...
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