Top 5 Men’s Bomber Jackets


From their inception as a flight jacket in the American Air Force, this men’s fashion piece has become one of the most sought after jackets out there. If you’re thinking about picking up a new jacket, look no further than our guide to five of the best bomber jackets available in our store right now.

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Men’s Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket has a rich history. Like many other pieces of menswear, its popularity came from use in a military setting. The original bomber jacket design can be known as the flight or bombardier jacket. Designed and worn by fighter pilots, it bloomed into a staple of menswear that’s as popular now as it ever has been.

With the weather starting to turn, we’re setting our sites on some of the best bomber jackets around. Blue, black, leather, suede – you name it, you can style it and to help you out just a little more. Here’s our guide on what looks look best.

The Black Bomber Jacket

There’s only one thing you need to know if you pick up a black bomber, and that is you’ll always find an outfit that it will work with. There’s so many options available that it would be a crime not to have at least one black bomber in your wardrobe. The black bomber can be worn with smart trousers, ripped jeans or even some joggers. The world is your oyster if you decide to invest in black.

Alpha Industries

The Alpha MA1 Classic vintage fit bomber has to be one of their most iconic designs. One of the great things about a black bomber jacket is the versatility. You can go for a tonal look with all black, or you can opt for more neutral tones to mix it up a little bit. However, nothing beats the classic white T-shirt, teamed with black jeans and a par of white trainers for a crisp Spring look.

The classic vintage fit has that military theme to it and with Alpha Industries manufacturing flight jackets for over half a century, the bomber should have a well deserved place in your wardrobe. With button-closure hand pockets, a ribbed collar, cuffs and hem AND reversible features, this bomber will stand the test of time and look good no matter what the season.

The Green Bomber Jacket

It’s a simple way to add colour into your outfit – a green bomber will look great throughout winter as it can complement darker shades. One of the best things about these jackets is that your can add it to almost any casual look and they’re great at keeping you warm too. With a green jacket you can pick up on the different shades there are on offer – so a men’s khaki jacket is a perfect Autumn choice for men.

Try and mix up your standard all black look with a green bomber jacket. Green is a great colour to work around, so have a play around with your wardrobe and see what suits you and your style best.

Alpha Industries green bomber jacket can be worn on a casual Saturday


The Blue Bomber Jacket

Navy is a very understated colour is a lot of men’s wardrobes. It’s versatility and classic style make it one of the easiest colours to wear and work around in your style arsenal. For something a little different to the classic black, try a navy bomber jacket – perfect, much like green, for adding that slight amount of colour into your wardrobe without going too overboard.

A lot of people say that black and navy should’t be seen together, but I’m here to tell you differently. Personally, I believe that navy and black work harmoniously together, as they aren’t massively different in hue. The great thing about navy is that the varying shades allow you to play around with how dark of a navy you can go. Either an almost black navy or a really light navy, almost blue – the choice is yours.

The Leather Bomber Jacket

A men’s leather bomber jacket is a great addition to any bomber collection. With so many different types of leather, from suede and nubuck to pebbled and smooth, the world is your oyster when it comes to leather bomber jackets.

However if you’re a little unsure of yourself when it comes to leather bomber jackets, then stick to the classic smooth leather bomber in a neutral colour such as black or tan. The versatility of the black will make this an extremely easy piece to wear, so stick to a classic look of jeans and a simple white casual shirt.

Suede Bomber Jacket

Suede is a tricky material to master. A delicate material by nature, it can easily be ruined with the slightest drop of rainfall. However, don’t let that deter you away from investing in a suede leather bomber jacket this season. A suede bomber jacket works best in brown as it can give off different tones of the brown to create a textured and interesting look.

Brown can be a tricky colour to pair clothing with, but with the right mix it will always look good, so it’s best to stick to more neutral colours when wearing a brown suede bomber jacket. Grey is perfect for this – it’s not too harsh and it not too light, so try wearing a simple grey T-shirt with a pair of grey trousers for a simple yet effective look.

brown suede bomber jacket mens street style
Grey and a tan suede jacket is a good combination


Men’s Bomber Jackets

  • Bomber jackets are the perfect staple that every man should have in their wardrobe. They’re easily worn for any casual situation, so it’s definitely time to invest.
  • Black is a classic, it can be worn with the rest of your wardrobe no matter the colour palette. If you want to keep it simple, all black is a good option.
  • If you want to add some colour, green or blue bombers can be paired with a blacks, greys and whites.
  • Mix up the materials. Don’t just stick to nylon, opt for leather or suede for something that’s a little bit different.
mens bomber jacket street style
A casual bomber look

On That Note

Whether it’s a navy blue bomber or a striking suede Idle Man piece, bombers are a great choice. If you’re thinking about investing in a bomber, they’re great for the winter but also aren’t too heavy to wear throughout warmer seasons. We’ve picked out just a few of the best types of bombers you can find in the store right now. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and textures, just make sure you have one!


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From their inception as a flight jacket in the American Air Force, this men’s fashion piece has become one of the most sought after...
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