The Best Watches Under £100

watches under 100
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Watches are a symbol of identity and status. Although they provide style flexibility they can come with hefty price-tags. We rounded up the 7 best men’s watches under £100 to keep you looking sharp.

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Men’s Watches Under £100


Arguably one of the most well-known watch brands in the world, Casio are famous for creating stylish and affordable watches that last. Due to the increasing popularity of retro and vintage clothing, their digital watch collection has recently become extremely popular. However, if it isn’t for you, Casio make some excellent analogue watches under £100.

The small strap and face make these perfect for someone with thin wrists or if you don’t want a large face watch. Due to their subtle and understated look, this Casio arguably the best watch under £100.


Nixon The Time Teller Watch

If you’re looking for a timepiece that has all the style of a dress watch but for a more reasonable price, then look no further than these from Nixon. Coming in a luxurious gold or silver, these metal strap watches are perfect for teaming with a tuxedo or suit and will look great in a formal work or party environment.

Although gold can be a tricky colour to work with, you can wear silver with pretty much anything. Try teaming it with a clean white dress shirt, black blazer and suit trousers and you’ll be ready for any formal event.


Timex Classic Digital Bracelet Watch

Much like Casio, digital Timex watches are currently enjoying a surge in popularity due to the popularity of vintage clothing. As well as their retro aesthetic, they are also extremely practical watches and feature a stopwatch, alarm and backlight.

These look best when you wear them with a more casual outfit. Try pairing some light blue jeans with a simple grey sweatshirt and let the watch do the talking.


Timex Slip Through Strap Watch

If you want a lightweight watch for the summer season then these ones from Timex are a great choice. Similar to Daniel Wellington, but half the price, the colourful slip through strap makes these watches easy and comfortable to wear.

Due to their lightweight and colourful style, these timepieces will look great with a smart casual oxford shirt and chino combination. Add a pair of boat shoes and you’ll be ready for any


Unknown Classic Rose Gold Watch

If you’re looking for a standard everyday watch that has got an understated style and will go with anything then this classic watch from Unknown is perfect. The rose gold face works in combination with the brown leather strap to create a classic aesthetic.

Try combining this piece with a smart casual flannel shirt and a denim jacket. The contrast between the blue and brown will make a nice balance within your look and emphasise the watch.


Timex 80 T2N267

These colourful watches from Timex are great if you’re after something a bit more sporty or casual. As well as being very colourful, these are some fun and durable watches. The plastic material makes them extremely durable and means that you don’t have to worry about things like scratches or smudges.

The stopwatch and alarm feature make them perfect for wearing whilst you’re working out. Team them with some joggers and a vest and you’ll be completely set for your morning run.


Casio Digital Watch

If you’re someone that likes to have a watch with a lot of features then this one from Casio is perfect. Although it’s not quite an Apple Watch, the calculator function makes this miles ahead of most watches in terms of practicality. As well as this, it features a stopwatch, a light and date settings.

Although it does take up a large portion of your wrist this will look great in any professional work environment. Try wearing it with a tweed sports jacket and you’ll have the ultimate smart look. Finish it off with some suit trousers and a pair of black leather shoes.


Things to Consider When Shopping for Watches


  • When choosing a watch it’s important to consider the mechanism. Is it mechanical, electronic or quartz? Although these may vary the price of your timepiece, it can also determine how long it will last and its quality. Where it was manufactured may also have an influence on this.


  • The features you have on your watch depends on what you need it for. If you’re looking for something classic that will simply tell the time and look good then stick with something like Nixon or Unknown. If you prefer a watch with lots of gadgets then opt for a Casio or Timex.
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  • How much attention you should pay to durability will depend on how much you plan on wearing your watch. If you’re looking for an everyday watch then getting a hardwearing piece is a good idea. On the other hand, if it’s a watch for special occasions, then what it looks like might be more important than durability.

In-store or online?

  • Although going into a store has the benefit of being able to try a watch on, getting a watch online can be a great alternative. Not only is it easier, there is the possibility to get some great online discounts. Have a look if there’s anything you like and order it in.

Continuing the search for the greatest men’s watches on budget, here are 7 of the best finds. Browse them all or view by your style preference. Even though prices look unbelievable, expect quality with these brands. They have researched their production well and many offer support. We want you to be able to shop without worry.

The 7 Best Watches Under £100

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On That Note

Style has gone far beyond dressing head-to-toe high end brands. The constant change in fashion impacts how we shop, and many find themselves mixing high and low end brands, or favouring mid-tier designers. With men’s luxury watches stepping into the limelight, it can seem as though the best men’s watches are thousands of pounds, when in reality a bucket load of cash doesn’t automatically equal quality.

Style doesn’t have to be dictated by flashy brands and huge pound signs. Understanding that quality does exist within smaller budgets is key. With the changing fashion industry, brands are working to overcome high cost productions and markups. This means more accessibility and diversity.


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Watches are a symbol of identity and status. Although they provide style flexibility they can come with hefty price-tags. We rounded up the 7...
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