The 4 Best Types Of Belt For Men

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Mix functionality with a fashion statement and get better use out of your belts. They’re not just for holding your trousers up anymore so we have filtered through and found the best ones for you.

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From casual to dressy, belts can be worn to liven up a simple look or add an extra accessory if you don’t fancy buying a whole new outfit. You may not think they’re a big deal but with a large variety of styles, colours and materials on offer, choosing the right one may be harder than intended. Browns and blacks may be your first option and should be a staple piece in every mans wardrobe but if you’re looking to mix things up, a coloured belt, if styled correctly, can also look good.

Men’s Formal Belts

With formal occasions happening all year round, a belt should always be part of your outfit. It can smarten up a pair of plain trousers and can pull together a whole look if the belt, shoes and other accessories all compliment each other well. In most professional settings a belt will not only keep your trousers from falling down (which may be slightly awkward) but will add something extra to your standard suit.

Men’s Black Leather Belt

A black belt has prime space in a mans closet, it can go with most outfits and is one of those practical pieces that you’ve probably had since school. A black leather belt is an investment that needs to be made, especially a smart one. If you wear a suit belt daily then black will probably be your go to colour, even if your more of a casual trousers fan, black will still be your number one.


Men’s Brown Leather Belt

Brown leather belts are fairly versatile but can sometimes be hard to style. However they can be worn with the majority of colours due to the brown being a softer and less harsh tone than black. Of course if you’re wearing black then stick with a black leather belt as this will keep your outfit smart. But with men’s brown leather belts, blue, brown and even grey trousers (darker grey, rather than a lighter grey) can be worn with the brown belt. The shade of brown you choose can vary, and the lighter the trouser colour, the lighter the brown belt shade.

A leather belt can look smart and a good quality one is definitely worth investing in. Once you’ve found the perfect belt be sure to maintain the quality of it and keep it looking new. The better the quality of your leather belt, the better as this will most likely have a coating on it to stop the leather from cracking if moisture is lost.

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Men’s Casual Belts

When it comes to choosing a casual belt you can be bold and show some personality with what you pick. Colours, materials, thicknesses and buckles are all something to think about. As well as making sure you don’t look too 90s with massive belts and buckles, keep it simple and don’t over do it.

Men’s Casual Leather Belts

Leather belts can also be worn casually and pairing a leather belt with some smart casual trousers or jeans can instantly smarten up the look. Brown leather would be preferable as, like we said before, the softer tones wont look as harsh against the trousers. To separate the formal leather from your casual leather, the casual belts can have a slight rustic feel and can have design elements of distressing or patterning. The belt can also be slightly wider than the formal belt which adds to the smart casual look you are (hopefully) going for.

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Men’s Woven Belts

Woven belts. They shout summer more than linen trousers and flip flops. So it’s an essential for any mans wardrobe and also even more essential to style them right. The look could go either one or two ways, so make sure to choose the stylish, light and summery option. This style of belt can be worn in a variety of colours and will look best when partnered with chinos or casual trousers. The material and colour should be kept fairly light if you want to nail the summery look however if blacks more your thing, a black woven belt can still add a summery touch. A basic T-shirt and loafers will finish of the look.

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As well as the standard brown woven belt, which can pretty much go with any pair of summery shorts or chinos, men’s woven belts can be a whole mix of colours. So, if you’re looking for a hint of colour to a very neutral outfit, a blue, red, white or a multi colour weave belt for men can be worn. Make sure not to go too over the top with T-shirt or trouser colours and if possible, match the belt colour to the trouser and wear with a plain white tee. The woven belts are the perfect elasticated belt for men, due to the weave it allows for movement and comfort and are a good casual essential.


Should You Wear A Belt With A Suit

You may ask yourself the question; what kind of belt to wear with a suit? Does my suit need a belt? What colour belt should I wear? Well, you’ve come to the right place as here at The Idle Man we have some preferences and recommendations for you so you can decide whether you’re for or against belts with suits. Some suits are designed so belts aren’t needed, this mostly happens when the suit has been tailor made and is fit perfectly for you. When a suit needs a belt, the right belt should be picked.

The belt shouldn’t be too wide or too thin so take into consideration the size of the trousers belt loops. If you’re in a dark suit a smart black leather belt should be worn. For a blue suit you have the choice of a brown or black belt, brown is favoured as you can match this similarly to your shoe colour (and we would say brown shoes and blue suits are a match made in heaven). So, belts and suits or suits and no belt, it’s your choice.

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How To Style Trousers With A Belt

If you are supporting a pair of slim fit or loose fitting trousers a belt will not only be functional but is part of the aesthetics. As trousers can be dressed up and down and the colour of the belt can vary. Mix and match with light browns, blues, tans, navy’s, and you will find your favourite combination of trouser to belt colour. As long as you don’t go OTT, the belt and trouser combo is the perfect solution to nail the smart casual dress code.

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Best Types Of Belt For Men

  • Men’s formal belts should be a wardrobe staple with leather being the best option.
  • Casual belts can range in colour as long as they are styled with complimenting shades.
  • Woven belts are a summery belt that brighten up any casual outfit.
  • Belts with suits is entirely up to you, pick the right colour, size and material for it to work.
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On That Note

Belts are a basic essential that is worth investing in. Having formal and casual options will allow you to style your belts with ease, keeping them looking new and up to date with colour trends will make your life a lot easier. Be careful with what colours go with what and always keep one part of your outfit neutral.


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Mix functionality with a fashion statement and get better use out of your belts. They’re not just for holding your trousers up anymore so...
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