The Best Slim Suits for Men & How to Wear Them

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Not sure what the best suits for slim men are? Worry no more, this quick guide will solve your problems and help you find a good fitting suit that’ll make you look great at any occasion. We’ll go through the best men’s slim fit suits for you. 

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The humble suit is a wardrobe staple for every guy. They can come in varying forms of fit, style and fabric for you to choose from, however, for slim guys they can be quite daunting to get them to fit. Here at Idle HQ we can’t have you in peril every time you go to try on a new suit, so we have compiled a list of rules and steps for buying clothes for tall slim men.

Get The Proportions Right

Make sure that the fit of the jacket is close to your shoulders, chest, waist and crotch on the trousers when buying a slim fitting suit. When purchasing your shirt make sure that the sleeves end roughly about half-inch beyond the jacket cuff, as this will make you seem taller and the jacket more fitted to you. There is nothing worse than being a man in an ill-fitted suit.

For the trousers makes sure there is no bunching around the shoe area, and that the crotch area isn’t too far down your legs, as this will give off the impression of it being ill-fitting – and there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit.

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Three Button Or Two?

If a three-buttoned suit is your latest purchase, or just sitting in your wardrobe, then remember to never do the bottom button, ever! This will bunch up your jacket and create an unnecessary bulge around your midriff creating a very unflattering appearance. As a man in a suit, this is not what you want.

So when wearing a triple buttoned jacket remember, the top button is ‘sometimes’ ideal (for photographs mainly), the middle button is ‘always’ (as this creates a waistline) and the bottom is ‘never’. It’s a simple but effective way of creating a waistline. But your best bet is to stick to a two-buttoned jacket, so you’re not worrying about it.

PHOTO CREDIT: Gentlemen's Gazette
PHOTO CREDIT: Gentlemen’s Gazette


Choose Your Colour

Adding colour is the perfect way of drawing attention to your slim frame. Having a colourful shirt on under a well-fitted jacket makes the ideal combination. Team it with a matching pocket square to create harmony throughout your look.If you’re not that confident when it comes to colour then fear not, opt for wearing a coloured suit jacket and black trousers, or the reverse, just so you can have one part of the suit in a more toned down colour.

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Fabric Choice

Men’s body shapes can differ massively, and clothes for skinny guys can be hard to make look good. On slimmer guys having a lightweight fabric will only hug your slimmer frame. Whereas having a heavier fabric such a tweed or wool with create the illusion of additional weight, and proportion you a lot better. During warmer times opt for a woollen waistcoat with a lightweight jacket and trousers to help bulk out your frame, without you over heating. How to dress when you’re skinny and fashion for skinny guys can be daunting, but don’t let it worry you.

A three piece suit is a very formal and sometimes unnecessary look, so if you do want to be a bit warmer this season then a classic tweed jacket will suit you best. If you’re really feeling the tweed then you can go for the full look with the trousers as well, but this may seem like you’re going hunting and this isn’t the look you want on the Jubilee Line. Like the colour, opt for one or the other and you’ll do just fine.



If you’re looking for a great suit to wear this season, either to work or for more formal occasions then why not try our selection in store. Perfect for those of you on the slimmer side of life as they’re slim fitting and classically cut to create a flattering silhouette and accentuate your slimmer frame.

Best Suits For Slim Men

  • Go for a hint of colour, this will help accentuate your slim frame and make you look a lot better.
  • Heavy fabric will hug your figure less, giving the illusion of more weight.
  • Two-button jackets will create a better waistline and make your figure look less lanky.
  • Make sure your jacket is fitted correctly, ill-fitting jackets don’t help at all.
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PHOTO CREDIT: The New York Times


On That Note

If you’re a skinny guy and you’ve got to wear a suit to a formal event, fear no more, hopefully this guide has helped you find the fitting clothes for tall slim men. Suits for skinny guys are a thing. Suits do have the potential to make you look even skinnier, but that’s if you wear them incorrectly or don’t know how to style them. Like many menswear problems, it’s easily avoided. Follow our advice mentioned in this article and you’re guaranteed to look awesome at any formal event. Try some of the products we’ve showcased here or take a look at the vast selection on our store for ideas.


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Not sure what the best suits for slim men are? Worry no more, this quick guide will solve your problems and help you find a...
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