Best Skinny Jeans for Men

navy super skinny jeans for men
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Jeans are an essential part of any wardrobe, and none more popular than the classic skinny jean. A well-loved staple for a reason, this guide gives a handy breakdown of the best skinny jeans for men around and how to style them for any occasion.

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Best Skinny Jeans for Men

A well-stocked wardrobe isn’t complete without a few variations on jean styles and colours. Black skinny jeans come top of the list when thinking about key pieces, with a good fitting pair of navy skinnies following close behind.

These are probably the most popular because of their versatility, male skinny jeans go with just about anything and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You have more casual styles such as distressed denim which is all about rips, acid washes and that worn in look. Perfect for any casual look when paired with a plain basic T-shirt and trainers or worn with a shirt and boots, jeans have got you covered for almost any occasion.

men skater look skinny jeans street style
A man in skinny jeans and cap


One thing that’s really important to remember is that every body type is different and skinny jeans definitely make you realise how true this is. Be sure to try on as many pairs of jeans as you can to find the fit that suits you. For those on the more slender side opt for a slightly looser fit so as not to over exaggerate your shape.

For those of you with a more solid build try rolling the bottoms of your jeans up to balance out your proportions. The hardest part of trying to find a good fit for your jeans is that every brand will vary in how they fit which is why it’s so important to try different styles and as many as possible. I know it’s already been said but it really is that important!

Men’s Black Skinny Jeans

Black skinny jeans are perhaps the most popular around. It’s the one style where the skinnier the better can apply, and often does. You’re definitely more likely to find super skinny jeans for men in black. However, that doesn’t mean if you choose to wear black skinny jeans you need to be wearing drainpipes.

Normally skinny and slim fit are just as good, the most important thing is getting the right fit for you and making sure you feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

Black Skinny Jeans Men street style
Match black skinny jeans with a black jumper and black leather jacket for a sophisticated outfit


Guy’s skinny jeans are more than capable of having a mature feel. Treat your tight skinny jeans like you would a pair of smart trousers. For example, try pairing them with a white linen shirt and loafers which will tick the smart casual box, or smarten it up a notch by swapping the linen shirt for the more formal crisp white cotton and the loafers for a pair of leather brogues or a black Chelsea boot. Throw a sports jacket or blazer over the top for a more tailored finish.

At the other end of the scale, the black skinny jean is a great item to allow you to create a more alternative look for all you rockers out there and is adaptable to both spray on and standard skinny jeans. Team with a biker jacket, plain T-shirt and high tops. Sticking to dark shades, mainly black is the easiest way of channelling your inner rocker.

Most Comfortable Skinny Jeans for Men

While skinny jeans are great in almost every way, the one place they can trip up a bit is comfort and flexibility. There’s nothing worse than that feeling of being restricted by your own clothes. Don’t feel like you have to go super skinny all the time, if you’re more interested in being comfortable, slim fit could be your best friend, they’re a perfect in if you don’t want to go the whole drain pipe tight. Slim fit is definitely still on the skinnier side but will allow you more breathing room and movement.

The Best Skinny Jeans for Men
A man wearing jeans with white plimsolls


If you know it’s skinny you want then consider the material of the jeans before you purchase them. 100% cotton is never going to be as comfortable as jeans with a bit of elasticity. Check the label for the material makeup, most skinny jeans will have 1% elastane but for extra comfort and stretch try and look for jeans with a 2% elastane makeup, these will provide you with the most flexibility. Jeans that call themselves soft stretch are likely to be the best jeans for men if you want the most comfortable.

Sizing will also affect how comfortable your jeans feel. For ultimate comfort size up your jeans, that way you’ll have a looser fit but the skinny style will stop them from falling down your ankles. And when in doubt, that’s what belts are for!

Cheap Skinny Jeans for Men

While jeans definitely aren’t bad pieces to invest in, we get that not everybody wants to spend a fortune on their jeans, especially if you’re buying quite a few pairs. The Idle Man’s own range of jeans is affordable without sacrificing quality. It’s also cheaper than brands such as Nudie or Lee 101 jeans. It’s good to remember that it may well be tricky to find well made, high-quality jeans for dirt cheap, often with items such as these you are paying for quality.

Don’t forget it’s worth scanning the sale pages too if it’s a bargain you’re looking for. You may be surprised by how much brands discount their jeans. The Idle Man regularly has sale listings on the website for jeans, so make sure to keep checking back regularly to see if you can grab yourself a bargain, you may well find your best skinny jeans at a total steal.

Top 5 Skinny Jeans For Men | The Best Skinny Jeans for Men
Guys in Skinny Jeans


How to Wear Skinny Jeans for Men

Keep it Casual

Ripped skinny jeans are a great way to keep things looking casual and dressed down. The best way to wear ripped jeans is just with a single simple rip in each knee, anything more and it starts to look over the top. A pair of black ripped knee jeans will work well teamed with a plain black or white T-shirt layered under an open check shirt. A pair of high tops completes the look for a grungey feel. Try turning up the bottoms of the jeans to break up the area where your jeans meet your shoes.

If you’re not into the whole grunge look then just a regular pair of navy skinny jeans and a plain sweatshirt works well at looking super effortless and relaxed. Finish it off with a pair of white, sharp trainers to keep things really cool. The best part about this look is that you can throw anything over the top.

mens blue skinny jeans street style
Spray on Skinny Jeans
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Step it Up

A step up from the super laid back look of the tight jeans for men and T-shirt combo is the jeans and shirt pairing. An Oxford shirt is a nice alternative to a regular white formal shirt to wear with a mid wash skinny jean. A smart leather trainer is a nice in-between item as you still want don’t want to look too smart. However definitely don’t forget to wear a belt with this look or you could be left looking incomplete.

Something in a brown leather looks great with blue jeans, or as the outfit isn’t too formal, it’s a great opportunity to be a little more playful with a woven belt, these can inject a bit of colour into the outfit in a very subtle way.

jeans and oxford shirt street style men
A man wearing skinny jeans with a shirt and sunglasses
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Smart Stuff

Skinny jeans for guys can be smart too. A slim fit navy jean is the best way to achieve a more done up, mature look. Keep the style simple, no distressing, bleaching or detailing, you don’t want the jeans to be the standout piece, plus a cleaner colour finish looks much smarter. A pale blue shirt is a softer contrast than white when wearing navy jeans. Now is definitely a time for more formal shoes such as brogues or Oxfords. You could even get away with a leather lace-up boot, but just make sure the boot isn’t too chunky and that the jeans fall over the top as opposed to tucked in.

Finish off the look with a blazer or sports jacket. Something in a tweed would look great with the navy jeans as the contrast of denim helps the tweed look more modern and up to date. A sports jacket is a nice alternative to a more formal blazer and carries pattern better. Be sure to keep the button detailing simple if you’re going for a printed jacket, too much going on will look untidy and ruin the overall look.

The Best Skinny Jeans for Guys
A man wears skinny jeans with a blazer and shirt


Double Denim

The phrase double denim strikes fear into most people, believing it is something that should never be tempted. And while yes double denim isn’t for everyone, when worn and styled properly it can be a killer look. The easiest way to pull it off is by sticking to black. A skinny pair of black jeans, and white tee and black denim jacket ticks the double denim box without having to venture into the risky territory of coordinating blue tones.

If you’re feeling brave and want to go the whole hog, then try pairing a light blue shirt with a similar colour jean. Wear with the bottoms rolled up and team with a pair of white trainers to keep things simple. The key to pulling this look off is to not over complicate anything, which is why plain white trainers work so well.

mens double denim street style
A man wears a hoodie with skinny jeans


Best Skinny Jeans For Men

  • Skinny jeans highlight your proportions, so you need to find a fit that is suitable for your shape.
  • Skinny jeans don’t have to be casual. Brogues and a blazer are great when trying to make jeans formal.
  • Team your trousers with a T-shirt and some trainers for a simple casual style.
  • For a smart casual look try wearing them with an Oxford shirt and a smart jacket.
skinny jeans and suede jacket streetstyle
A man wearing skinny jeans with a suede jacket and scarf
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On That Note

Hopefully, this guide has given you some new inspiration on new ways of styling your skinny jeans in a more mature way. You can leave the tatty teenage boy jeans at home, rips are cool, holes are not. And remember you can never have too many pairs of jeans, they really are the ultimate wardrobe staple.


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