Best Practical Watches For Men


Whether you’re going scuba diving, running, or just heading to the shops, no man’s wardrobe is complete without a practical watch to accessorise with. Certain watches are more practical than others however, so we’ve put together a list of the top watches for men that keep things stylish yet functional. 

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Digital Watches For Men

So, let’s start by saying that not all practical watches are digital, and not all digital watches are practical, but sometimes it’s nice to step away from the traditional analogue style and go for something a little more modern. The addition of dates, timers and alarm functions that some men’s digital watches have gives them a boost of practicality, so they’re always a good place to start if you want something functional.

Timex Classic Digital Silvertone Watch

Silver is a colour that suits most people, and its cool finish gives watches an effortless elegance, even when they’re in a chunkier digital design. This model from Timex provides a clean, all silver frame to work with and has the benefits of a light-up screen to keep you set for any occasion, as well as a water feature up to 30 metres.


Casio Digital Watch Silver

If you want more from your watch than simple time-telling functions then this watch from Casio might be the answer.  Casio watches for men tend to stay on the practical side of things, focusing on classic features and versatile designs. Complete with an 8 digit calculator, dual time zone features and an alarm clock with snooze addition, you’ve got everything you need for your day to day excursions.


Timex Classic Digital Watch Black

For something that’s got all the perks you need but maintains a sleek, elegant edge, this all black number from Timex is the perfect choice. With a cool stainless steel strap, light up screen, and water resistant features, it’s got everything you need to stay on the ball and look good at the same time.


Sports Watches for Men

The best watches for men work perfectly for whatever situation you need it for. For sports watches there needs to be the perfect blend of practical design elements and a sturdy, comfortable base. Leather straps are out as you’ll only end up overheating, and you need something that’s going to handle sweat, dirty kicked up from running and unpredictable weather elements.

Nixon The Time Teller Blue

Made of sturdy plastic and resin, this two-tone watch from Nixon takes on a cool blue colour scheme complemented with an easy, rounded design. Its plastic case and Polyurethane strap means it’ll easily take a few knocks while staying comfortable and hardwearing, and its waterproof feature ensures it’ll stay protected from any rainy morning jogging.


Timex Multi Blue

Water resistant, with a rubber case and stop watch feature, this sturdy design from Timex is a great sports watch that provides everything you’d possibly need to stay fit and on the go. Its classic design is complemented by a vibrant colour scheme, allowing you to stand out from the crowd even when you’re on a simple run.


Leather Watches for Men

Sports and digital men’s watches are great for more casual occasions, but sometimes you want something that’s both practical and stylish, and a leather strap watch is the perfect option. Whether you go for a traditional black leather strap or a softer brown one there are various ways you can keep your look simple and functional while maintaining a classy undertone.

Larsson & Jennings Lugano Matte Black/Black Leather

A practical watch really needs to steer clear from an overload of bells and whistles and stick with a clean, sleek design. This classic black watch from Larsson & Jennings keeps things basic and functional while ensuring you have a sleek finish. Complete with a comfortable leather suede strap and scratch-resistant glass, this design perfectly blends the practical with the stylish, providing you with a watch that’s ideal for all occasions.


Simple Watch Earl Tan & Black

Simple Watches are pretty much what’s written on the tin, and are the best watches for men if you’re looking for a timeless, versatile piece. This design with its tan leather strap and smooth black casing keeps things elegant and uncluttered and provides you with a centre piece that can be paired with a whole range of looks. On top of that it’s got a scratch resistant screen and is water resistant up to 30m, meaning you can take it out and about with you without any fear of it being damaged.


Daniel Wellington Bristol Watch Brown

For something even more classic, this leather strap watch from Daniel Wellington is an affordable and versatile option. Its rose gold frame is complemented by a deep brown strap and striking white face, providing it with a clean balance of colours that means it can easily be paired with various outfits. Despite its traditional appearance, it’s got the added benefits of waterproof features and a protective mineral glass lens, giving it a sturdy finish.


Best Practical Watches For Men

  • Timex Classic Digital Silvertone Watch
  • Casio Digital Watch Silver
  • Timex Classic Digital Watch Black
  • Nixon The Time Teller Blue
  • Timex Multi Blue
  • Larsson & Jennings Lugano Matte Black/Black Leather
  • Simple Watch Earl Tan & Black
  • Daniel Wellington Bristol Watch Brown

On That Note

There’s no set ‘practical watch’ design to choose from, and there can be a whole range of models that will provide you with a functional element. If you’re looking for something that can be worn with a range of outfits, from casual to smart, then opt for a clean leather strap watch for a versatile yet classic look. For more strenuous tasks it’s better to go for a watch made from a robust material, and added features such as waterproof detailing, stopwatches and backlights are perfect for adding a more practical element to the design.


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Whether you’re going scuba diving, running, or just heading to the shops, no man’s wardrobe is complete without a practical watch to accessorise with....
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