The Best Clothes for Comfort and Style

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Finding the right balance between comfort and style can be tricky as sometimes the most comfortable clothes are necessarily the most stylish. This guide aims to answer those burning style questions: comfy clothing and comfy outfits with the most style? Easy. 

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Casual Comfort Clothing

When we think of comfortable clothing we think of joggers and sweatshirts in a neutral tone and sitting around the house. Well, you’re not wrong, these clothes are comfort clothing, built for either lounging around the house or taking part in sport, but we all know what we’re doing in them, sitting around the house watching re-runs all day.

Comfy clothing can be a little shapeless and lacklustre most of the time, giving off the sense that you don’t know how to dress yourself. However, just because you’ve got your casual and comfortable clothing on doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Stake a looser fit sweatshirt and team it with a tapered and fitted pair of joggers. Keep these in the same tone and add a different colour with your trainers.

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Comfortable T-shirts for Men

Stylish clothes aren’t difficult to come by, especially if you want to be comfortable as well. T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for every man; versatile and easy to wear, the humble T-shirt allows us to dress it up or down simply. If you’re after one that’s particularly made for comfort, then I’d opt for a T-shirt that is made from 100% cotton, or with a relatively high cotton content, as these are the softest and most breathable.

Stick to neutral tones when it comes to your T-shirts as you’ll be able to pair these with a plethora of looks and styles with ease. As the old saying goes, you can’t beat the classics, so why not try teaming a plain white T-shirt with a pair of raw denim or selvedge denim jeans and some penny loafers to channel some 50’s style clothes.

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Comfortable Jumpers for Men

There’s nothing more comfortable than a good jumper, and wen you think of clothing for comfort, it’s usually a good jumper your mind thinks of. usually made from cotton or knitted wool, a good jumper will be the best investment you can make, especially if you live in a climate where it’s mostly quite chilly.

Again, if it’s the comfort level you’re after, always make sure that the concentration of natural fibres is quite high, or totally natural. This allows the material to breath naturally and become moulded to your body. You may have to pay a little more for this luxury, but it’s an expense that’s definitely worth it.

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Comfortable Trousers for Men

Cool and nice clothes for men aren’t necessarily the best clothes for men and cane be sometimes difficult to come by, especially when it comes to trousers. Many men out there think that a bog standard pair of trousers will suffice them in their day-to-day needs, but there’s a little more options out there than you think.

A comfy guy’s guide to trousers is a simple one, much like the T-shirt, finding a pair of trainers that are made up of a more natural material will serve you better than any cheaper brand or style of trouser. Go for a higher concentration of cotton or wool when you’re looking for trousers and stick to neutral tones for versatility and ease-of-wear.

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Comfortable Jeans for Men

Jeans are the most worn item in out wardrobes. With so many variations and styles out there, it can become a little tricky to decipher which ones will suit you the most, and which ones will provide the most comfort. If your budget is a bit restricted then investing in an expensive pair of jeans probably isn’t at the top of your list, but, like the rest of your clothing, try and go for a higher natural material content.

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Raw or selvedge denim jeans are some of the best jeans out there. Designed and made to last you years a pair of selvedge denim jeans are the pinnacle of comfort and style. However, there’s a slight catch with selvedge denim jeans, they take some breaking in to get them just right. They will usually come quite stiff and rigid, and it takes some wears to get them tailored and moulded to your body shape, but once they’ve succumbed to your body shape, they will be the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever own.

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Most Comfortable Trainers for Men

Trainers, in general, are a comfrotable option when it comes to footwear. Usually made from canvas or leather, trainers are built to cushion the foot against the extremities of the outside world. Many of you may be thinking, what are the most comfortable trainers? Well, it’s all down to preference when it comes to the most comfy trainers as you may need to try a few pair out before you find the pair that suits you and your needs.

Try and go for a pair of trainers that are made from leather or from a cotton canvas. Two constricting materials I know, but these will give you the best chance of being the most comfortable. Support is something that needs to be taken into consideration as well. Most fashion trainers have no support built into their structure, whereas a pair of running shoes will, so go for a air of stylish runners for maximum comfort and style.

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Most Comfortable Shoes for Men

Really comfy shoes can be tricky to come by, especially when they’re made out of a rigid leather. I think we all know the pain of trying to break in a pair of shoes with no prevail. However, there are solutions out there for those of you who don’t necessarily like wearing trainers too often.

Brands such as Dr Marten’s make shoes that are built for both comfort and style. In easy to wear and versatile styles that incorporate the classics with a few trend lead shapes often take their wearer through season after season. Supportive leather and structures is what you’re looking for when you’re after a pair of comfortable shoes; don’t go for a pair that are cheap simply because they’re cheap, take your time and maybe invest a little more in the correct footwear.

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The Best Clothes for Comfort and Style

Knowing how to style clothes that are made for comfort and style is easy. Go for pieces that have a higher natural fibre content as these will be the most breathable and comfortable pieces in your wardrobe. For shoes, look for supportive structures and soft leathers or canvases to give your foot the support it needs.

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On That Note

Clothing for comfort and style is easy to come by, make sure that the natural fibre content is high and the style is versatile. Stick to materials such as cotton, wool and leather as these, over time, will become more supple and become even more comfortable. When it comes to shoes you want to look for support as this will be your best bet for comfort. Go for a running style shoe i.e. a pair of trainers, as these will give you comfort, support and most importantly, style.


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Finding the right balance between comfort and style can be tricky as sometimes the most comfortable clothes are necessarily the most stylish. This guide...
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