AW17 Trend: Off Track


A trend that’s being taken straight from the sports field and onto the runway has pieces that combine British sportswear and terrace casuals. The combination of lifted sports classics can be styled for the modernised man.

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This trend focuses on the way brands are paying homage to terrace boys with styles that have been stolen from sportswear and the British football scene. Subcultures and fashion go firmly hand in hand with the mod and terrace casuals dominating each and every look. Fleece and track jackets, straight leg trousers and classic trainers can all be combined to create an effortlessly cool casual off track look. The colours are kept simple which helps to highlight the relaxed style and hooligan heritage.


Fusing together your sportswear with smart pieces has definitely made it’s mark in the world of trends. The sporty piping in this jacket replicates the details found on a 1990’s tracksuit. Therefore the loyalty this look has to sportswear is portrayed through the two piece sport suit. The football lifestyle and clothing of the terrace casuals was never intended to become a fashion statement but the effortlessly put together outfits have become a iconic British look. This Wood Wood suit replicates this British heritage with the white pipping along the grey sports inspired suit.

off track piping grey suit casual street style white t-shirt

piping grey suit jacket trousers white t-shirt


Drawcord Hem

A drawcord hem has become a recurring motif in fashion with the utilitarian detailing bringing a classic sweatshirt back to life. A relaxed sweatshirt that was often only worn for sporting activities and made of a thick cotton is a classic piece that’s trickled up from the sports fields. The drawcord hem in fashion has been used for both functionality and detailing with the cord being a grungy utility of the 90’s.

white trousers clarks drawstring black sweatshirt crew neck

white trousers dickies drawstring black sweatshirt


Football Terrace

Football hooligans in the 90’s began to dress more strategically so they could disguise their much loved club shirt and become unnoticed by police during fights and riots. This inspiration for this look came from with the old school terrace boys style. The Idle Man poncho anorak for AW17 can be worn with khaki green worker trousers to bring the look into the twenty first century.

khaki dickies idle man poncho anorak

khakie dickies poncho anorak street style



Waist bags have had very controversial views and they’re very much like Marmite, you either love them or hate them. But when styled correctly the waist bag has had a presence on many runways in preparation for AW17, so it’s sure to make a big fashion statement in the very near future. Being worn across the body gives the bag that football hooligan, fashion forward, retro inspired feel with an idea that mixes practicality with the desire to look stylish. This 90s throwback has hit the runways and is now being worn on influential figures that are making the hands-free style work.

waist bag trend white t-shirt dickies

street style waist bag white t-shirt green dickies


Sports Cuffs

In the world of sports there have been many links to the world of fashion, with many different sporting pieces being taken and transacted onto the runways. The coach jacket for instance has been taken from the dress code of the sports coach. The turned over collar and elasticated trims are the key features that have been a recurring trend for the past few seasons. This jackets helps to emphasise the practicality and nostalgia of the much loved terrace boy British subculture.

In this look, the Carhartt joggers feature a drawcord waist that, as said earlier on, is going to be a big trend for AW17. Again with the elasticated cuffs, these joggers compliment the look of the terrace casuals and bring together their care free attitude. The sports cuffs of both the jacket and joggers portray the 1990’s football lifestyle that has been regenerated to be one of the top trends to date.

classic trainers retro jacket joggers

off track street style trend coach jacket joggers


AW17 Trend: Off Track

  • The hooligan, football culture has brought some iconic pieces into the fashion world which have now been recreated for the modern day man.
  • Terrace casuals have helped bring sportswear to the masses making this trend one of AW17 key styles.
  • Focusing on the details like a drawstring cord or elasticated waist is what brings this trend to life.
  • Waist bags have been a big hit in both street style and on the runways making them a desired piece for AW17.

off track white fleece jumper hoody

On That Note

Sportswear being brought to the runway has been featured for the past few seasons due to the popularity of athleisure wear, however this AW17 terrace boy inspired trends makes the whole sports look less sporty. It brings in the casual elements of fashion with key details being seen across an array of garments that showcase one of Britain’s most forgotten about subcultures.


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A trend that’s being taken straight from the sports field and onto the runway has pieces that combine British sportswear and terrace casuals. The combination...
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