A Closer Look at the Le Coq Sportif R800

Even if you only pay minimal attention to the goings on in the trainer world right now, you’re more than likely to be aware of myriad retro colourways and silhouettes currently crowding the market. While this isn’t necessarily anything new, it’s certainly something which has gained momentum over the past few years as the sneaker game continues to expand and the demand becomes greater.

But with an overwhelming quantity of new releases hitting stores on a daily basis, to say it’s becoming increasingly harder to see the wood from the trees would be a massive understatement. Having said that, despite the on-going saturation from footwear behemoths such as Nike and adidas, it seems like the lesser known, or perhaps often overlooked, brands are slowly carving out a niche for those looking for a fresher and more interesting trainer, away from the predominantly monotonous releases put out by the usual suspects.

With the [retro] sportswear trend showing little sign of giving up anytime soon, we’ve seen a number of once forgotten sporting brands return to the scene, some with a more positive reception than others. In particular French heritage label, Le Coq Sportif have been one of the standouts given their ability to carefully select archive silhouettes and reproduce them to a similar or even better quality than the original.

Le Coq Sportif R800 'Galet'
Le Coq Sportif R800 ‘Galet’

One particular silhouette we’ve seen retro-ed by Le Coq Sportif this year is the iconic R800 running shoe, which was first released in 1991 and has returned recently in it’s original white and pink version, as well as a brand new iteration that features various shades of blue.

In addition to the striking colourways, the R800 also features the technical characteristics of the innovative Dynactif system, which ultimately seeks to cushion and protect the foot, as symbolised by the two triangles on the midsole, thus making it an instant favourite among the French running community when it was first released.

Le Coq Sportif R800 'Dress Blue'
Le Coq Sportif R800 ‘Dress Blue’

So if you happen to be a fan of retro running trainers or you’re simply in the market for a new pair of summer kicks, then be sure to check the link below to see our current Le Coq Sportif line-up and the chance to shop the excellent R800. And, as always, stay tuned for new stock arriving in store very soon!



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Even if you only pay minimal attention to the goings on in the trainer world right now, you’re more than likely to be aware...
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