5 Wardrobe Staples Every Man Should Own

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Stuck on what to wear? It may be that your wardrobe is lacking the essentials. Here’s The Idle Mans 5 Wardrobe staples every man should own.

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It can be easy to build a load of clothing, mostly bargain buys, wear the item once, and then throw it to the back of your wardrobe. And with fashion changing so fast, it’s no wonder why. But it’s a waste of both money and time.

Wouldn’t it be easier to create a ‘capsule wardrobe’ that’s only full of items that can take you through the whole year, and that will never go out of style. Well it is actually possible. Here’s 5 wardrobe staples every man should own.

One: A Good Suit

Whether it’s for a wedding, you’re off to the races, or you’re a city striver. There’s no doubt that a good suit is a key staple for any self-respecting guy’s wardrobe. There’s no better place to start than a classic black suit. Single breasted and buttoned, this jacket has a classic feel which you will be able to wear for all occasions.

Black tuxedo the idle man
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If you want to add more than one suit to your collection, then why not try a patterned suit? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be loud and largish. Go for something stylish and understated, like this Selected Mylo Barbican suit. If you don’t want to go for the full suit, then why not pair the jacket with a pair of jeans instead.

Selected Mylo barbican Trousers
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Looking for a suit for a special occasion, but don’t want to go full black tie? Then a grey suit is perfect, whether it’s for your best mates wedding or even the stag do, this suit is a win win.

The Idle Man Grey suit in Skinny Fit
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Our love of the suit is devolved from our silver screen heroes, whether its Daniel Craig starring as Bond, or one of the classics like Reservoir dogs, where every man and his dog seems to be wearing a suit.

They look fresh, so why can’t we? It’s a known fact that the majority of us look pretty good in a suit. It makes us feel smart and like we can take on the world, or at least a few jaeger bombs.

Two: Converse

Now something that every man should have in his wardrobe, without question, is the humble Converse. Whether it’s a high top, or your standard training shoe, you can wear them any time, with jeans, with shorts, and actually once you buy a pair, you are pretty likely to have them for a good few years before they start to tear or discolour.

They are comfortable and come in so many different colours and designs, that there is definitely something for everyone. We love the Jack Purcell Converse in white, a great shoe which can be worn anytime of the year, and because they are a neutral colour, they will pretty much go with everything.

But if you’re feeling adventurous, then why not opt for a bright coloured pair? This fabric is a little bit quirky, and great if you love to be different.
Converse Red Converse White
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Three: The Plain Tee

We all want to be comfortable, and t-shirts are just that. A guy should always have a black or white t-shirt in their wardrobe, or even both. Whether you wear it to the gym, under your shirt, or with your shorts during the summer months, the reliable tee always has your back. If you’re feeling it, then why not buy one in every colour so you’re covered…

The Idle man White T Shirt Dickies Staple T-Shirt
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Four: Formal Shoes

Ever been to a bar and been told no, by the friendly door man? The first thought that’s probably run through your head is that you thought you looked pretty good. Your outfit might have been on point, but those knackered Vans you’re wearing certainly aren’t.

That’s why every guy should make sure he has a pair of formal shoes in his wardrobe. Whether it be a black or brown shoe (that’s a whole different debate), a formal shoe doesn’t have to be formal, they can be worn with jeans or chinos for a more casual look, or if you want to go all out, wear them with a suit.

A brown brogue is great for any occasion, and can be worn with jeans or a tailored trouser. These Docs are a classic take on the brogue, with a chunky sole for extra comfort and edge. You can wear these all day, and still be comfortable.

Base London Waltham Brogue Brown Dr Martens Wingtip Brogue Black
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Five: Hoodie

Last but by no means least, the honourable hoodie. We love them. Every guy should have one. Having a chilled weekend with the lads, walking the dog, or are you on the sofa playing the newest Fifa release, get your hoody on!

In the summer, opt for a zipper hoody, that way if you’re getting a bit uncomfortable then you can just unzip if or take it off completely without wrecking your barnet. For the colder days, opt for a pull over hoodie, for extra comfort and warmth.

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