5 Guys Who Know How to Dress for Summer


Everyone loves the summer – walking around in shorts, drinking an ice cold beer and eating all the food from the BBQ. It’s a great season, but how do you dress accordingly when your trying to look cool and not overheat. Well, there are a few guys that we look up to for style advice. Here are our top five.

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Just in case your summer style inspiration was starting to wane, we’ve rounded up five guys who know how to nail it when it comes to warm-weather attire. With ideas on holiday-ready ensembles to being able to pull off formal wear when the mercury is up, we’ve got the lot. It doesn’t matter if you’re more of a casual guy that likes a short and trainer look or someone who’s always seen in some kind of suit, there are ways for you to dress in the summer. Therefore, why not take some notes so you can ride out the remainder of the summer season looking as sleek as you always do.

Oliver Cheshire

Oliver Cheshire has quickly become one of the most photographed attendees at Fashion Week. He keeps things both classic and understated and is never shy of the unexpected. Meaning, he’s always ready for whatever the fashion world throws at him – trainers with a suit or a casual T-shirt and short combo, every outfit has been thought about. Sometimes it’s not all about having the most complex, fashion-forward outfit, it’s about keeping things matched perfectly, no matter how minimal they are.

When the warmer months roll around, being able to keep cool in the summer can be fairly easy. If we’re taking style advice from Mr Cheshire, we’re definitely going to go for a shorts and polo kind of look. It may be hot, but there’s always going to be that breeze that gets you, so you don’t have to get all your skin out. Layer with a light fleece jacket and you’re set for the day.

You can layer up like Oliver Cheshire, even in the summer


There’s a lot of things that Drake does well: the music obviously, his ability to always act pretty cool, and of course, his way of dressing is up there. He can make a pair of joggers look stylish and suitable for the stage, plus he doesn’t look too bad when he has to suit up either. He’s not one of these guys that needs everything designer (although, why not if you can afford it), and he seems to wear pieces that any guy can get their hands on – he just wears them a little better, perhaps.

A sweatshirt or combats, Drake’s worn them and looked good. His summer style is classic and fairly chilled – usually in a pair of jeans and trainers. It’s simple, with nothing too slim and fitted. Still, he manages to not look swamped in fabric, even when each piece is fairly loose.

It may be summer, but you can still pull off a pair of jeans

Ryan Gosling

Girls love him, and guys want to be him, so why wouldn’t you want to take some inspiration from his street style? He may be known for his rom com roles, but his summer style is also up there with his acting. If you’re wanting (and struggling) to look smart when the suns out, Ryan has a few tricks up his sleeve. So, when a suit may seem like the worst idea ever, there are a few alternatives that you’ll be able to get away with without looking too beach ready.

Swap your suit trousers for a pair of chinos, as these are a great cool alternative to the usual wool blend material. You should go for a slim fitted style and pair with a loose fitting revere collar shirt. The shirt doesn’t have to be plain either – put some pattern into it, or simply go for a block colour instead.

ryan gosling cannes film festival
Ryan Gosling attends Cannes Film Festival in white jeans and a light shirt

Dave Franco

Another actor that both girls and guys admire, and another guy that still manages to dress smart even when they’d much rather be by a pool in their swim shorts. So, if you’re after a look that’s the perfect mix between smart and casual, then Dave Franco has some key looks for you to try. One of these is the classic polo and trouser combo. If he’s going for a semi smart look, pairing a polo with a pair of smart trousers and either trainers or loafers creates a summer ready smart look that’s cool enough to wear.

If you don’t want to go for the polo, you can go even smarter with a shirt instead. Keep the shirt coloured and roll up the sleeves to make it look perfectly casual. This is an easy evening summer outfit that gives you that smart casual vibe.

This is an ideal summer evening outfit

Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah has got a number of accolades to his name, but one he rarely gets credit for is his innate ability to pull off the looks straight from the catwalk. And better yet, all the outfits he chooses aren’t your standard summer wear. He likes experimenting with colours, patterns and combinations. The one look that we love for the summer is the short suit. However, just remember that when you wear one of these, the time and place definitely needs to be considered.

Tinie Tempah’s effortless summer style is easy to copy. If you have a casual pair of chino shorts, match this with a blazer and plain tee and you’ll be set for the heat. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and you’ll have completed the look.

It can be hard to pull off an all white outfit

On That Note

Staying stylish in the heat can be tricky, but when you have a few people to look up to it gets a whole lot easier. Whether you’re going for a smart casual look or something more sports orientated, there’s a whole host of celebrities to look up to. So instead of sulking about how hot you are, embrace the heat because in England – it won’t be around for long.


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Everyone loves the summer – walking around in shorts, drinking an ice cold beer and eating all the food from the BBQ. It’s a...
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