5 Last-Minute Summer Staples from The Idle Man

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Unsurprisingly, the British summer has been pretty temperamental so far this year. However, we’re fairly positive that a heat wave is lurking just around the corner. Obviously, that means you’ll need to be prepared with plenty of warmer weather attire, which is where we come in.

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Swimming Trunks

Even if you’re not venturing abroad this summer, you’ll still need a decent pair of swimming trunks when you’re catching a few rays in your back garden. Whether you prefer an understated design or the full-on floral variety, we’ve got a number of regular fitting styles that are definitely worth grabbing. This season we’ve got some great stylish trunks in stock that can worn on the beach or just lounging around the pool. Check out our offerings from our own label, as well as some great product from Champion, YMC, and Carhartt.

swimming trunks street style
Men’s swimming trunks


Short Sleeve Shirts

Short sleeve shirts are often a tricky one to get right, but fortunately our selection features tailored fits to ensure you’re looking sleek every time you step out wearing one this summer. Team with either rolled up jeans and boat shorts, or a pair of chino shorts and some failsafe canvas plimsolls for a classic chilled-out holiday look. Short sleeve shirts are also great for those evenings when a T-shirt just doesn’t quite cut it. As it gets a little cooler you may find yourself needing an extra layer, that’s where the shirt comes in – worn unbuttoned over a T-shirt.

short sleeve shirt street style
Short sleeve summer shirt
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Sunglasses are not only essential for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but they’re also brilliant when you’ve got a stinking hangover and you don’t want anyone to notice. But, really, whatever reason you have for wearing them, be rest assured that our current line-up features all the classic and contemporary styles you could possibly want. This season we’ve got some great offerings in stock, including pairs from the legendary Quay Australia, one of our personal favourites here at The Idle Man.

sunglasses street style
Sunglasses worn well


Chino Shorts

It’s probably time you give your go-to skinny jeans a rest and reach for a pair of chino shorts instead. Wear them casually with a Breton stripe tee and some fresh white kicks, or smarten them up with a light blue Oxford and a pair of brown suede moccasins. You could even wear them to work if you wanted. Just make sure you’ve read this first. We’ve got plenty of own label offerings this season, so make sure you head over to our site and check out what we’ve got for you.

shorts street style
How to wear shorts


Crew Neck T-shirts

One of the keys to a well-balanced wardrobe is having solid selection of crew neck T-shirts and, fortunately, we’ve got a no-nonsense collection of both the plain variety and also the raglan. So, depending on which style you prefer, you could do far worse than grabbing a couple to either wear to the beach while you’re away, or under a short sleeve shirt with denim shorts for an effortless festival get-up.

t shirt street style
T-shirt street style
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5 Last-Minute Summer Staples from The Idle Man

  • Get yourself a decent pair of versatile swimming trunks, you won’t regret it.
  • Short sleeve shirts are the perfect transitional piece, wear them over a T-shirt when the temperature drops off a little.
  • Sunglasses are pretty much the only accessory you need this summer.
  • Chino shorts are perfect for the beach, sunny evenings, BBQ’s and so much more.
  • Last but not least, make sure you’re stocked up on basic T-shirts, they’re all you’ll be rocking on your top half.
Boyd summer outfit
The perfect summer outfit

On That Note

Hopefully after having a good read through this guide you should be well on the way to composing your summer wardrobe. It really is easier than it might first seem, you just have to know exactly what you’re looking for. You’re going to want to invest in versatile pieces that you can wear with multiple outfits, as at the end of the day the weather can change quickly, especially here in the UK. We wish you luck in making those last minute purchases.


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Unsurprisingly, the British summer has been pretty temperamental so far this year. However, we’re fairly positive that a heat wave is lurking just around...
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