5 Best Instagram Accounts for Tailoring

Summer tends to make guys a little lazy in their dress. For girls it’s easy, just throw on a sundress and you’re set in both style and comfort categories. For guys, however, it’s a bit trickier. It’s hot, you’re sweating, and who can be bothered to put on a nice suit when a T-shirt and shorts are just so much more comfortable and won’t break your dry cleaning bill?

Well if you aren’t keen to adopt stag party fancy dress of women’s clothing in your day-to-day life, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite tailoring Instagrams to bring inspiration to your suit game. Maybe you’ll be just inspired enough to shine those old loafers up too.

Check out our picks below.


New York based menswear blogger Denny Balmaceda eludes classic cool. Denny takes his own spin on traditional suiting with small touches like plimsoll shoes or throwing on a Panama hat. In addition to his OOTD Instagram, Denny runs the blog “Look Rich, Shop Cheap,” the men’s guide to high-low fashion.



Fabio Attanasio’s clean Italian style stems from his birthplaces of Naples, the center of men’s tailoring. As a contributor for high-end men’s magazines such as GQ Italy, Fabio definitely has an eye for the refined. Additionally, Fabio is the founder of The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear, a collection of classic eyewear with an modern look.



Art director and professional body builder Phil Cohen is redefining the selfie. His refreshing take on this trend never shows his face, meaning it really is all about the clothes. Phil gives an update to American tailoring by trying trends such as double denim in a mature manner.



What My Boyfriend Wore was founded when Cape Town-based blogger Sergio Ines’ girlfriend began posting his outfits to Instagram. Eventually, Sergio took over the project and launched a blog of the same name. Sergio’s outfit collages show off the impeccable detail behind his style and he frequently does give-aways for his followers, as if you weren’t sold already.



EJ Samson is the director of content strategy for Hearst Digital Media Men’s Group, meaning he oversees some small magazines such as Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and Car and Driver, maybe you’ve heard of them? EJ’s ‘gram focuses on his killer “chest situation,” and I for one commend him for bringing back the pocket square.



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