5 A/W Style Rules That Aren’t True


Autumn/Winter fashion is a favourite for most men – it’s a time where fashion becomes a lot smarter and easier with thick knits and big jackets. However, some men think that some style rules go out the window for AW, so we’re here to tell you about the ones that just aren’t true.

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Men’s Winter Style

When it comes to fashion, winter is great and generally prefered to summer fashion. It means you don’t have to worry about getting your legs out or any unwanted sweat patches appearing, and instead, you can wrap up warm and pull off those statement jackets you’ve been eyeing up all summer. However, when it comes to winter fashion, men seem to think that there are a lot of rules that have to be obeyed. We’re here to tell you that some of these rules aren’t the case, and winter fashion can be as care-free as it is in the summer. So, read on to look at our five top winter fashion rules that aren’t true.

Having Your Ankles Out

We don’t know who started the rumour that you’re not allowed to have your ankles out in winter, but it’s rubbish – cropped trousers and trainers look good all year-around. Some men will think they look silly having their ankles on display when it’s cold or rainy outside, when in fact, even if it is raining, they probably won’t get wet anyway. We think it’s such a shame that men put their cropped trousers to the back of their wardrobes for the winter, just because they don’t want their ankles to get wet. Cropped trousers look great whatever the outfit, whatever the season.

Cropped trousers look good with a multitude of both summer and winter looks – men’s style for winter doesn’t have to be completely separate to that of the summer. To wear cropped trousers in the winter, simply pair them with a long sleeved top, a warm knit jumper and an overcoat, be it a smart one or a waterproof one. You could either wear your trousers with a pair of trainers to really show off the ankles or a pair of boots to give the world just a glimpse.

If you’re susceptible to feeling cold and you would rather have your ankles nice and warm, instead of wearing full-length trousers, you can buy some high-quality socks (that you don’t mind people looking at) and wear them pulled up with some cropped trousers.

Styling Pink Converse for Winter Style Men’s

Wearing White Trousers

It’s a lot more understandable why men would want to avoid wearing white trousers in the winter. We’re sure it’s a very similar reason as to why women avoid wearing white bikinis in the summer: When white gets wet, it goes see-through. This may ring true for thin fabrics, however, if you get the right, high-quality ones, it won’t turn see-through no matter how wet you may get (within reason).

White jeans are a great choice for wearing as men’s winter street style 2018. If the quality of the denim is high, no water will make them go transparent. Wearing white in winter will generally lift the whole tone of your outfit. Most men settle with wearing all-black or all dark tones in the winter as a fail-safe option, so chucking in some white jeans instead of black ones will turn a dull monochromatic outfit into something a little more interesting. Don’t forget to wear a men’s winter style jacket to keep you warm!

mens white jeans and coat
Men’s Winter Coats Style

Wearing Sunglasses In The Winter

Here is another hit or miss winter style rule. Wearing sunglasses in the winter either really works for you or makes you look pretty stupid. There’s a very fine line between knowing when it’s acceptable to wear sunglasses in the winter and knowing when it’s time to put them away.

If it’s a sunny winter’s day and there are strong glares coming from the sun or reflecting from the rain on the ground, then by all means, whack out your sunglasses to your hearts content. If you are going to do this, please, please make sure they are plain black ones. Bright, colourful, pattern or gimmicky sunglasses are only just acceptable for the summer, so they shouldn’t even be considered for winter time. Instead, minimal, black and classic sunglasses will complement every outfit.

Regardless of whether it’s sunny outside or not, if you’re wearing sunglasses in the winter, take them off when you go inside. There is simply no excuse for this unless you are Anna Wintour, which, my friend, you are not.

Men’s Winter Style Essentials

Wearing Nice Trainers – Even When It Rains

In the winter, espeicly the British winter, rain is inevitable. This prevents a lot of people wearing their nice shoes out and about and tends to limit them to wearing leather winter style men’s boots only. We’re here to tell you that this isn’t the only option – it’s only fair to let your summer trainers have some fresh air in the colder months too.

When it comes to wearing trainers in winter, naturally, you’re going to head straight to the leather ones. However, this doesn’t have to be the only way when there are plenty of products on the market that are designed to protect your shoes. Brands like Crep Protect are created so you can style your canvas and suede trainers all year without being a paranoid mess. These usually come in the form of easy-to-use sprays. Simply spray your shoe all over, leave to dry for 10 minutes and repeat. Do this again after each wear to keep up the protection from water and dirt.

Wearing trainers in the winter goes hand in hand with getting your ankles out. A pair of cropped trousers and trainers give the ultimately relaxed vibe for a winter-cool look.

Men’s Winter Style Hats

Winter Grooming Essentials

Finally, here’s one that so many men make the mistake of. Keeping up with facial care and grooming is debatably more important in the winter as it is in the summer. Winter winds dry out the skin more than they do in summer, meaning facial hydration is even more important. Have you ever noticed how your lips dry out and chap in the winter? It’s down to the same reason, so a high-quality moisturiser and lip balm should be winter essentials.

When it comes to picking out a moisturiser, it’s always best to go for one that has SFP in it. Even though you can’t visibly see the sun in winter, the rays that are emitted from it are still there. These include harmful rays – ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation – that when exposed to the skin causes skin damage and visible signs of ageing (did you know, 70% of ageing is due to the UVB rays and not actually from ageing itself?).

Skin Care Is Essential All Year


On That Note

We hope that this men’s winter style guide gives you some clear pointers as to the winter fashion style rules that some people say you should avoid. We don’t think anything goes (unless you’re thinking of wearing sandals or flip-flops. That’s just stupid). From wearing white jeans in the winter to having your ankles on full display, we have you covered with all our style tips at The Idle Man.


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Autumn/Winter fashion is a favourite for most men – it’s a time where fashion becomes a lot smarter and easier with thick knits and...
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