3 Common Suit Queries Squashed

As we’ve said before – I know, you’re probably bored out of your brain reading it – but buying a suit is no easy task. When buying a suit – and wearing one for that matter – it’s crucial to pay attention to the details; ultimately you want your suit to flatter your physique rather than looking like you’re sporting a shapeless potato sack. And really there’s no reason for the latter as often all you need is the odd tweak here and there, and you’ll soon be stopping people in their tracks as they commend you for your impeccable eye for detail.

We appreciate, however, getting to this stage can be arduous, including a number of trips back and forth to your dry cleaners to have the jacket taken in or the trousers taken up. And what’s more, once you’ve got all that nailed you’re then potentially faced with a number of puzzling suit related questions. From whether you can team a certain type of shoe with a certain type of suit, to tips for maintaining the shape of your jacket, we’ve picked out 3 of the most common and plan to put the record straight once and for all.


Photo: Jason R Joseph
Photo: Jason R Joseph


Should I Wear a Belt with a Suit?

If you choose the correct waist size at the time of purchase there should be no real reason to wear a belt with a suit. However, if you do decide to go for a belt -and we can’t stress this enough- ensure it’s simple and classic and most importantly it’s the same colour as your shoes. Black shoes should never be seen in the same outfit as a brown belt, just as brown shoes should never be teamed with a black belt.

Can I Wear Brown Shoes with a Black Suit?

There are plenty of conflicting views on this matter, but ideally it’s best to stick with black shoes when wearing a black suit. It’s a look that’s proved successful on countless occasions so all those people can’t be wrong, right? Of course, that’s not to say it can’t be done, but there’s also a hell of a lot of room for error so if you’re in doubt keep it classic and opt for black.

Is it Advisable to Open the Vents and Pockets on a Suit Jacket?

When buying a new suit always remember to snip the small stitches on the jacket vents as this will allow for unrestricted movement. However, avoid unstitching the jacket pockets at all costs as this helps to retain the shape of the jacket. As soon as you un-stich them and start filling them with keys, wallets and other obtrusive objects, your suit is going to start looking sloppy.

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As we’ve said before – I know, you’re probably bored out of your brain reading it – but buying a suit is no easy...
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