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History of Supreme - Quick Facts

Supreme was founded in 1994 by British entrepreneur James Jebbia. Growing up in Crawley, Sussex, Jebbia moved to New York City in 1983 and worked in Soho clothing store Parachute.

Branching out on his own, he opened the legendary Spring Street boutique “Union”, with his then-partner Mary Ann Fusco, in 1989. One of Union’s best selling brands was Stussy and when James became good friends with Shawn Stussy they decided to open a NYC Chapter Store for the brand.

Observing the rebellious nature of the downtown skate scene, Jebbia felt there was a lack of a focal place where the skaters could hang out, watch videos and buy skateboard hardware and clothing. Picking key faces from the local skate scene as employees, Supreme first opened their doors in April 1994 on Lafayette Street, New York City.

Now far more than just your average skate shop, Supreme has evolved into a successful lifestyle brand and global phenomenon. Having collaborated with respected brands such as The North Face, Nike, Vans and Comme des Garcons, alongside a diverse range of notable public figures such as Mike Tyson, Morrissey and Lady Gaga, the New York skate store now reigns supreme.

Where did Supreme Start?

Supreme first opened as a single door skate shop on Lafayette Street in the Soho district of downtown Manhattan in April 1994. After gaining a cult following with visiting Japanese tourists, a series of small Supreme boutiques were opened in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka in the late ‘90s.

What does Supreme sell?

Supreme has skateboarding at it’s core and continues to sell skate hardware and clothing. They also produce their own branded products including clothing, headwear, accessories and skate decks. They are now also renowned for making weird and wonderful accessories and witnessing long outside their stores each Thursday for their weekly drops.

Why is Supreme so Hard to Buy?

Supreme has become increasingly difficult to buy in the last few years due to the amount of additional hype that surrounds the brand. Supreme work on two seasons per year with products releasing each Thursday morning throughout the season. Products are produced in reasonably limited quantities and Supreme rarely reissue or restock items. With the exception of Dover Street Market, the brand no longer wholesales their products so the only way of purchasing new season items is at one of Supreme’s retail stores on online.

What did Supreme’s Products First Look Like?

Supreme’s products throughout their early of were designed with East Coast skaters in mind. Whereas most skate brands came from California, Jebbia realised that New York’s harsher seasons demanded higher quality garments and a more style focused overall look. The now iconic Supreme Box Logo t-shirt, originally released as a standard shop tee for opening day in 1994, continues to remain one of, if not the most, coveted item from the brand.

Who wears Supreme?

Supreme is worn by a huge cross section of people - young and old, guys and girls, skaters and fashionistas - it doesn’t have such a specific audience like it did back in the mid-late 1990s. The list of celebrities wearing Supreme nowadays can sometimes be a little crazy... A-Listers like Drake, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, A$AP Rocky, and many more have all been spotted wearing the brand for better or worse.

Best Supreme Vans Collaboration

Another footwear brand that Supreme continuously collaborate with is the legendary skate shoe brand Vans. The waffle sole shoe company were Supreme’s very first collaborators way back in 1996 and there have been some classic designs released over the years.

  • Supreme / Vans Power, Corruption, Lies
  • Supreme / Vans / Campbells Soup
  • Supreme / Vans “Motion Logo”
  • Supreme / Vans Bleached Denim
  • Supreme / Comme Des Garcons SHIRT 1
  • Supreme / Vans / Public Enemy
  • Supreme / Vans “Fuck ‘Em”
  • Supreme / Vans / Bruce Lee
  • Supreme / Vans / Comme Des Garcons Shirt 3
  • Supreme / Vans / Playboy
  • Supreme / Vans Zebra Camo

First Box Logo Supreme T-Shirt

The first Box Logo T-shirt appeared way back in 1994 when Supreme first opened their store on Lafayette Street. Having taken multiple forms over the past 23 years, the simple Box Logo (or “Bogo” as some kids refer to it as) is one of the brands most reknowned items and has stood the test of time.

First Supreme Skaters

Supreme’s original skate crew were all crucial in implementing the brands authenticity. New York locals Ryan Hickey, Justin Pierce, Peter Bici, Gio Estevez, Chris Keeffe and Mike Hernandez made up the original shop team, and were a key part to the brands early success.

Best Supreme Box Logos of All Time

Over the years Supreme have released multiple variations of their iconic Box Logo, showcasing all different designs, themes and collaborations. But which are the best? It’s a matter of opinion in all honesty, we all have our favourites. However, some definitely have a more legendary status than others.

  • Union Jack London Store Opening
  • Japan Relief in aid of Japanese Red Cross
  • 9/11 “Home of the Bravest”
  • Sopranos logo flip
  • Coca Cola logo flip
  • Gucci logo flip
  • Supreme/Bape collaboration
  • Burberry logo flip
  • Supreme/Tokion collaboration
  • Arabic

Best Supreme Skate Decks

A skate brand at their core, Supreme continue to put out several skate decks each season. With the artist series becoming collectable works of art, a lot of fans collect and display the decks rather than actually skating them.

  • Supreme/Peter Saville decks
  • Supreme/Damien Hirst decks
  • Supreme/Chapman Brothers decks
  • Supreme/Jeff Koons decks
  • Supreme/KAWS decks
  • Supreme foil decks (gold/silver)
  • Supreme monogram decks (recalled due to lawsuit)
  • Supreme Kermit the Frog decks
  • Supreme Logo decks
  • Supreme/Disney Snow White decks

Best Supreme x TNF Jackets

Supreme are notorious for their collaborations with legendary outerwear brand The North Face. Often featuring loud statement prints and coming in several different jacket styles alongside a whole heap of accessories from the partnership.

  • Supreme x TNF Summit 07
  • Supreme x TNF Maps”
  • Supreme x TNF Summit “Day and Night”
  • Supreme/TNF Leopard print Nuptse
  • Supreme/TNF “By Any Means Neccessary”
  • Supreme/TNF Waxed Mountain Jacket
  • Supreme x TNF Checkered pullover windbreaker
  • Supreme x TNF Corduroy Mountain Parka
  • Supreme x TNF Rabbit fur Nuptse
  • Supreme x TNF Bandana Mountain Parka
  • Supreme x TNF Denali Fleeces

Best Supreme x Nike Sneakers

Supreme have enjoyed a successful long term partnership with Nike since they first worked on a Dunk Low SB sneaker back in 2002. They’ve released countless different styles of sneakers over the years, all of which have been greeted welcomely by both Supreme’s fanbase and sneaker collectors alike.

  • Supreme / Nike Dunk Low SB
  • Supreme / Nike Air Max 98
  • Supreme / Nike Air Force 1 Low (2012)
  • Supreme / Nike Flyknit Lunar +1
  • Supreme / Nike Air Force 1 High
  • Supreme / Nike Dunk High SB
  • Supreme / Nike Air Jordan V
  • Supreme / Nike Foamposite
  • Supreme / Nike SB Blazer High
  • Supreme / Nike SB 94
  • Supreme / Nike Air More Uptempo

Best Supreme Accessories

Supreme are extremely well known for their range of collectable accessories. They’ve produced a huge variety of accessories over the years, including a punchbag, miniature motorbike and a guitar.

  • Spalding / Supreme Basketball
  • Everlast / Supreme Boxing Gloves
  • Coleman / Supreme Mini Bike
  • Supreme Dog Bowl
  • Kidde / Supreme Fire Extinguisher
  • Fender / Supreme Stratocaster Guitar
  • Supreme Bible Stash Box
  • Supreme Air Horn
  • Supreme Baseball Bat
  • Supreme Crowbar
  • Supreme Cash Cannon
  • Supreme Brick

Best Supreme Photo Tees

Supreme are also renowned for their graphic photo tees, featuring many famous faces wearing the classic Box Logo. Stars such Kate Moss, Morrissey, and even Kermit the Frog have featured on t-shirts by the New York brand.

  • Kate Moss
  • Morrissey
  • Kermit the Frog
  • Mike Tyson
  • Lou Reed
  • Dipset
  • Three Six Mafia
  • Raekwon
  • Neil Young
  • Shane McGowan

Best Supreme Caps

Often an entry-level item to Supreme fans is an item of headwear. Collectors favour the brand’s signature camp caps as well as their 5-panel snapbacks, mesh caps, 6-panels and New Era fitteds.

  • Supreme Hate Camp Cap
  • Supreme Floral Camp Cap
  • Supreme CDG Part 1 Camp Cap
  • Supreme Feathers Camp Cap
  • Supreme Paisley Camp Cap
  • Supreme Chip Camp Camp Cap
  • Supreme Zebra Camp Cap
  • Supreme Leopard Camp Cap
  • Supreme Real Tree Camp Cap
  • Supreme Camels Camp Cap

Best Supreme Collaborations

Collaborations are one of Supreme’s signatures - allowing them to produce interesting items of clothing, footwear and lifestyle accessories.

  • Supreme / A Bathing Ape
  • Supreme / Neighborhood
  • Supreme / Louis Vuitton
  • Supreme / Nike
  • Supreme / Visvim
  • Supreme / Champion
  • Supreme / Levi’s
  • Supreme / Schott NYC
  • Supreme / Stone Island
  • Supreme / Aquascutum
  • Supreme / Comme Des Garcons SHIRT

Best Supreme Box Logo Hoodies

We’ve already covered box logo T-shirts, however we haven’t yet touched on the best Supreme Box Logo pullover hoodies, there’s been many over the years and they’re also regarded as a garment of impeccable quality and warmth.

  • Red on grey
  • Black on black
  • CDG1 polka dot
  • Red on white
  • Grey on grey
  • Red on navy
  • Green on green
  • Duck camo
  • Tonal

Supreme Music Collabs

The brand are deeply rooted within popular culture, and that goes hand in hand with music. Supreme have collaborated with artists from every genre, heavy metal, underground rap, reggae and even traditional jazz artists.

  • Supreme / Slayer
  • Supreme / Dead Kennedys
  • Supreme / Black Sabbath
  • Supreme / Miles Davis
  • Supreme / Dipset
  • Supreme / Public Enemy
  • Supreme / Prodigy
  • Supreme / Misfits
  • Supreme / Wackies
  • Supreme / Bad Boy Records “Biggie”
  • Supreme / Barrington Levy

Best Supreme Sports Accessories

From baseball bats to boxing gloves, Supreme are huge advocates of sporting goods, and have produced a fair few of their own during the course of the brands life.

  • Supreme / Everlast Boxing Gloves
  • Supreme / Spalding Basketball
  • Supreme / Wilson Mini Football
  • Supreme / New York Yankees Pennants
  • Supreme / Simpson Motorcycle Helmet
  • Supreme / Nike x NBA Shooting Sleeve
  • Supreme / Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats
  • Supreme Water Bottles
  • Supreme / Everlast Boxing Robe
  • Supreme / Rawlings Baseball Glove
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