About YMC

YMC has spent more than 20 years building a name in British fashion, contributing quality, style and ultimately an unrivalled identity. Often going by the name YMC rather than their actual name You Must Create, YMC have developed and evolved into a popular brand in the UK, producing mid to high-end products with the desired quality envied by most. A major aspect to YMC’s success is based on not overcomplicating traditional and staple pieces. The ethos of the brand consists of taking a traditional style and adding their modern perception. YMC produces timeless pieces of menswear; ensuring contemporary fashion doesn’t dictate the designs, and just as importantly, remain relevant through the seasons and years.


History of YMC

YMC is an acronym for the unwritten first commandment of creativity, You Must Create. In fashion, that is a phrase that rings about everywhere and YMC have taken on the name to serve as a constant reminder, delivering on and owning the concept behind their name. Founded in one of the world’s fashion capitals, London, label founders Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins aimed to deliver a minimalist and wearable style. They have been producing their range of men's clothing since 1995 and have now grown into one of the go to brands in the Britain.


Products of YMC

The brand tends to bring a fresh impetus every season despite being relatively rigid in their approach, with an example of this being their brand new Autumn Winter Ferry Jacket. In essence, it’s a Harrington jacket, but they have taken away the perceived football casual connotations and designed it to be a casual jacket by changing the typical chrome zip for a button placket as well as creating larger pockets. Another item expected to be popular amongst all YMC enthusiasts is the Hemmingway rib knit jumper. Its old fashioned style is iconic to British culture with rib knits being one of the great options for the winter. While YMC are more renowned for their jackets and jumpers, their range of trouserst-shirts and shirts are just as carefully designed.

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