Wood Wood

About Wood Wood

Hailing from the fashion forward streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, Wood Wood is a contemporary fashion brand that experiments with the modern styles seeping in throughout the years, while keeping a firm grounding in 90s street culture and design. Their clothing aims to exude confidence and personality, while steering clear of pretension. Having collaborated with over 50 brands, including Barbour, artist So-Me, and even Lego, Wood Wood shows its openness to new ideas and styles, and its this innovation that’s kept it one of the leading fashion brands in Europe.

History of Wood Wood

Founded in 2002 Wood Wood doesn’t have the in-depth history that a lot of traditional brands do, but what it lacks in age it makes up for in influence. Taking on the iconic style of 90s graffiti littered streets and bold street culture that founders Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen grew up with, the pair managed to create a collection of clothing that can only be described as Contemporary Streetwear. Their fashion aims mix functionality with style, and effortlessly move up and down the fashion spectrum, making them a brand for everyone, regardless of income and status.

Products from Wood Wood

It’s hard to beat Wood Wood in quality and versatility, and whether you’re going for a men’s t-shirt, hat or hoodie, you’ll know it will be something that will stay with your for years. For something iconic that you can wear everyday, a simplistic black cap with the stylish Wood Wood logo printed on the front is a piece that will match with everything and keep you looking good even on bad hair days. One of their many minimalist jackets is also a great choice, and with their designs focusing on the clean, flattering shape you’re free to accessorise your outwear, knowing that whether you go bold or simple you’ll look great either way. Quality, experimentation and a focus on a great fit, Wood Wood creates the ideal pieces for a versatile and stylish men’s wardrobe.

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