About Vito

Priding themselves on their contemporary designs but traditional, elegant fits, Vito creates clothing that mixes style, sophistication and a bold defiance for the modern trends. Their slim lined, tailored pieces follow their own rules, creating fits that compliment any shape, while offering up busy yet elegant patterns one minute, then plain, classic styles the next. With their focus on each piece telling a story, this isn’t a company that churns out collections, but carefully crafts their apparel to create clothing that will last you a lifetime. 


History of Vito

Established in 2010 Vito’s target audience is the ‘urban gentleman’ - a man who appreciates the finer things in life, but doesn’t ignore the modern elements of life that surround him. Wanting to create clothing rooted in traditional Scandinavian tailoring, Vito began its mission and quickly gained fans all over the world from its trend defying, clean cut apparel. Their designs aimed to be contemporary, as well as focus on the, sometimes forgotten, fit and tailoring that adds a boost of refinement to men's clothing. Creating traditional pieces such as suits and button up shirts, Vito is now one of the top brands in Europe for understated style and contemporary elegance. 


Products from Vito

If you’re looking for a smart, tailored suit with a modern twist, then Vito is probably the brand you’re looking for. Not afraid to go bold with their patterns, they offer men's blazers in a range of designs, from simple clean checks to abstract graphic prints. Match them with a slim line shirt and eye catching chino shorts for a look that’s rooted in traditional tailoring, yet has a modern influence that can’t be ignored. Despite being sold all over the world, Vito has a niche look that helps you stand out in the crowd, while looking your most elegant and refined self. 

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