Uppercut Deluxe

About Uppercut deluxe

Uppercut deluxe stemmed from a passion for barbering, and the owners wanting to show the difference between hairdressing and the masculine vibe of traditional men’s grooming. With their collection emulating the iconic style of the 1950s barbershops, Uppercut deluxe offers a range of products that are ideal for the modern man with an appreciation for the classics. With their slick packaging, high quality products, and knowledge of different hair types and textures, Uppercut stays clear of overdosed merchandise and instead sticks to what works best. 


History of Uppercut deluxe

Shunning the rigid structure of traditional education, childhood friends Luke Newman and Steve Purcell pursued their passions and gained apprenticeships in small barber shops, eventually gaining enough knowledge and business prowess to set up their own. Despite the initial struggle, with many guys assuming that men’s grooming meant feminine products and a trip to the hairdressers, Purcell and Newman managed to prove that good hair didn’t necessarily equal preening in front of a mirror, and their popularity and respect grew rapidly. It didn’t take long for their knowledge of the barbering world to transcend into grooming products, and with a focus on no nonsense products made from high quality ingredients, Uppercut deluxe was formed. 


Products from Uppercut deluxe

For a slick look that doesn’t include floral scents and a list of chemicals a metre long, Uppercut is the brand for you. Their range of waxes, from the powerful ‘Monster Hold Back’ to the lighter, ‘Featherweight Black’ offer the right level of hold to suit your hairstyle and type, and with the money saved from over indulgent packaging and embellishments, Uppercut Deluxe is able to invest in quality ingredients that will leave your hair fresh and undamaged. To keep your hair in good shape in the first place they offer strong, well made pocket combs, and oil defying and anti-irritate shampoo's to keep your scalp and hair strong, well maintained, and ready for any style. 

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