About Sunspel 

Sunspel are a brand that takes pride in supreme craftsmanship. Delivered with the finest of material and designed with the utmost of intrigue, Sunspel have created a range of Men’s clothing to rival most for quality. Textile development is key to their popularity. They have acquired the knowhow to develop a blend of materials that make Sunspel’s polo shirts and t-shirts unique. A British brand with conventions displaying just that, their luxury everyday where can be found all over the world. .


History of Sunspel 

Founded by Thomas Hill, Sunspel was first open for business in 1860. Stating out at his textile factory in Nottingham, Hill, the son of a hosiery and lace maker, used his fabric expertise to make lightweight, soft clothing in very fine cotton. His creation went on to established the luxury Sunspel underwear, which has now become synonymous with the brand. Some of the earliest garments made in the Newdigate factory included tunics and undershirts that were some of the first t-shirts ever made. By the end of The Great War Sunspel’s success enabled them to become one of the first companies to export to the Far East. Sunspel always kept up with modern ideas and even pioneered new ideas to their British consumer. The first Sunspel boxers were brought to Britain in 1947. Made from Sea Island cotton and designed for comfort, the boxer short offered a different style of underwear. It wasn’t until 1985 until Sunspel underwear became a global fashion piece, being publicised in a Levis Jeans advert.  


Products from Sunspel

Sourcing cotton from all over the world to create Sunspel famous underwear and t-shirts, it‘s obvious Sunspel has dedicated their ideas to quality not quantity. Classic, timeless and exquisitely made are adjectives that come to mind regarding the brand. Sunspel’s Rivera polo shirt is a primary example of the aforementioned superlatives. The Rivera polo shirt was designed for Daniel Craig for his role in Casino Royale – demonstrating a style that is intended to be classic and archetypal of British class. Sunspel underwear will always be their marquee product though, simple, comfy and classy.  

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