About Sorel

The winter boots Sorel creates are not for the light-hearted or for the more lightweight of activities. Any brand with a wild animal as a logo is almost guaranteed to be an a tough terrain brand, Sorel stand out as specialists of outdoor clothing and footwear for all-terrain. With boots for men, women and children, Sorel has produced a variety of boots suited to different temperatures, terrains and activities. The boots are also created with casual use in mind too, designed to complement all kinds of leg lines like a workman’s chinos or jeans. So whether it's snow or rain, work or play, Sorel footwear have the perfect range of men’s boots for outdoor activities.

History of Sorel

Created with functionality in mind and recognised as heritage through the artistry of design, Sorel originated out of the growing adventures of the explorer’s world. Founded in 1962, Sorel was established in Ontario, Canada, and has been hugely popular in the North American country since its introduction. The boots had been propelled into an international market through its popularity in the all-terrain country, demonstrating that if it’s functional in Canada it can be effective anywhere in the world. Columbia sportswear acquired the company from original founders Kaufman Rubber Co. in 2000 after a period of uncertainty rather than growth. This takeover led to the further development of the brand internationally and the product expansion of Sorel to outwear.

Products from Sorel

Sorel’s Mid-length boots are great option for builders, workers and creators, functional with good tread sole and thick enough for protection from the elements. They have the design of an everyday boot and would go great with a casual pair of jeans. These boots are just as much informal as they are a practical, making them a great choice for the outdoors. The craftsmanship of the tall boots is unique to each style. Combining felt and wool linings to go with their premium leather and waxed canvas shell create the perfect construction of boot to keep warm throughout any kind of weather. The Men’s 1964 Premium Boot and Caribou Boot are their core products and have been produced with different combinations of materials and fabrics to provide multiple options for consumers. Looking past just the functionality of the Sorel winter boot, the colours and the boots are perfect for any autumn winter wardrobe.

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