About Rizzoli

Rizzoli is one of the world’s most prestigious independent publishing companies. Known for its quality for producing illustrated books, Rizzoli stunning photographs and graphics puts their books into the bracket of luxury. Rizzoli publish books in a variety of genres including children’s books, food and wine, photography and architecture, often finished off with a hardback cover to complete the look.


History of Rizzoli

Founded in 1927 by Italian publisher and film director Angelo Rizzoli, the company started out with just a magazine, acquiring bi-weekly mag, Novella. After adding to his portfolio of new publications, in 1949 Rizzoli started to publish books he considered to be classics and/or popular. It wasn’t long after that the Rizzoli founder started to make headway in films, producing the world cinema classic, La Dolce Vita. In 1964 Rizzoli opened his first bookstore on Fifth Avenue in New York, giving the company a foothold in the American market. The decision of creating a home away from their Milan-based empire proved to be successful as the store became a hub for creatives. While Rizzoli mainly focused on cultured genres, Rizzoli New York was created producing publications within pop culture such as fashion and art.


Products from Rizzoli

Rizzoli publishes books that you know you could just pick up and start looking at and reading. Their books are the perfect books for coffee tables, to kill time or to be a perfect conversational piece. On the other hand, some of their releases are collectables so why not start a collection of fantastic books, made to be timeless.

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