Red Wing

About Red Wing

Red Wing is a multi-purpose footwear company, based in the United States. Multi-purpose in the sense they have created tough, functional and stylish boots across their production lines. Their range of work boots, hiking and hunting boots as well as their premium Red Wing heritage styles are reflection of the working, rugged, outdoors man. Each branch of Red Wing is noticeably different though, with different uses for each. Red Wing’s Irish Setter and Vasque products are more technical and adaptable to climates and terrains due to their outdoor specific details, whereas the Red Wing work boots are generally more heavyweight built with a leather contraction and thick rubber soles. The contemporary range of Red Wing heritage shoes and boots are very much what is to be expected – moccasins, oxfords, desert and chukka boots.


History of Red Wing

Red Wing Shoes was founded 1905 in Red Wing, Minnesota by shoe merchant Charles Beckman. The growing demand for industrial workers saw the inevitable increase in production of worker apparel like denim jeans, flannel shirts and strong boots. After only 10 years of being established, Red Wing was producing more than 200,000 pairs of boots. While the numbers of workers boots were high, being the primary footwear company for American soldiers in World War I drove production to astounding numbers. Their duty to the armed forces continued into World War II and Red Wing has maintained their consistent sales to industrial and field workers. Today people wear Red Wing across 100 different countries from the oil field workers to arctic weather explorers. In 2008 Red Wing Heritage was created to expand and tailor for a contemporary market.


Products from Red Wing

The excellence of Red Wing stems to more than the design and practical nature of their footwear, their excellence is also evident in the materials they use. After acquiring the S.B Foot tannery in 1987, the introduction of new leathers added a new dimension to their work boots and has been a solid enterprise for the heritage collection. The tannery is renowned for oil-tanned leather and this has enhanced the quality of leather processing, being applied to plenty of styles. The overriding feature of all Red Wing products is the excellently crafted rubber outsoles. Traction, grip and balance demonstrate the necessities of what the outdoorsman needs from a boot.

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