Portuguese Flannel

About Portuguese Flannel

With inspiration coming from the heart of their homeland, Portuguese Flannel have always triumphed over their use of exclusive fabrics. Manufactured by master craftsmen in the old towns of northern Portugal, Portuguese Flannel takes pride in producing their garments in the most traditional way resulting in a timeless yet contemporary design. Portuguese Flannel don’t follow trends or vibes of the moment. Their inspiration comes from genuine people from both the coast and mountains of Portugal, with brave and challenging ways of living. Resulting in a timeless yet contemporary design.


History of Portuguese Flannel

The concept that surrounds Portuguese Flannel has been a part of António and Manuel Magalhães since they were children. Family heritage and Portugal play a big part in the creation of Portuguese Flannel through three generations in the Ave valley region of Portugal – an area known for being one of the biggest in the textiles industry. A brand that reflects back to their own personality and embraces culture whilst looking out into the world. 

In 1935 João Pereira de Magalhães, António and Manuel’s great grandfather made his own textiles factory that was Têxtil Vizela, being a part of the family meant that Portuguese Flannel had an accessible array of fabrics that is indescribable. To have access to an archive of rich fabrics that dates back to the 1930’s was a rare opportunity for the brand and very instrumental in their success. The company aims to elevate Portuguese knowledge to a place that was forgotten giving local people an identity. 

Products from Portuguese Flannel 

Although they have now started to venture into the outerwear world Portuguese Flannel will always be known for their shirts. If you're looking for a classic design with a timeless quality then look no further, these notorious flannels comes in a huge range of patterns and colours, attracting a diverse group of consumers. You will be able to find the perfect shirt that fits effortlessly with your style no matter what your preferences may be. There really is a flannel for everyone. 

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