About Poler

Poler delivers a great collection of products for those who relish the great outdoors. Their strength is being able to recognise the modern practicalities of people, with the need to be on the move and explore what’s out there. Through their understanding of this they have created products that are functional for the great outdoors as well as being suited for the urban settings of city life. They produce all things you could possibly need, from T-shirts and caps for those sun-glazed trips, to the contrasting fleeces and beanie hats for the colder climates. Poler also has a great range of branded accessories including utensils like skillets and enamel mugs. Their bags and tents are at the top of their production line, and they’ve utilised their knowledge to make equipment that’s vital when you’re out and about camping and trekking.


History of Poler

Based in Portland, Oregon, Poler set themselves the task of creating the ultimate outdoor gear. The two guys responsible for the founding of the company are Benji Wagner and Kharma Vella, both taking their enthusiasm of all things outdoors to deliver products where they felt there was a gap in the market. It wasn’t long before their stuff was taking the industry by storm with their unique Poler product mix, catering to the very people they wanted - surf, skate, and snow enthusiasts.


Products from Poler

Poler products all have a great amount of detail, with concepts being brought to fruition due to the desire of delivering unique stuff. Case and point would be their nap sack, unique and multifunctional. The nap sack is – in its main function– a sleeping bag designed to address the necessity of being wrapped up while not being a duvet. It also has the capacity to be much more, doubling up as a onesie and jacket.

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