About Pendleton

Pendleton has always prided itself on having an eye for quality, which is shown and felt throughout their lightweight and luxurious designs. Responsible for the softness of their lightweight, 100% pure; virgin wool that has been used for sewing, rug making and crafting. Pendleton has been weaving top class woollens in their Northwest Mills since 1909.


History of Pendleton

The founder of the brand, Thomas L. Kay was an immigrant from England who had crossed the pond in 1863. He began working in Oregon’s woollen mills and then went on to open his own woollen mill alongside his eldest daughter Fannie Kay. With the help of Fannie’s husband Charles P. Bishop they combined their expertise and then took over the name Pendleton Woollen Mills. Kay’s grandsons, the three Bishop brothers; opened Pendleton Woollen Mills in the early 1900’s. The town of Pendleton backed the family in their business venture. The brothers emulated Kay’s weaving skills with phenomenal Native American-inspired designs which would feature on the Pendleton Trade blankets.


In 1912 Pendleton began to expand the business by opening new mills to start producing woollen clothing such as trousers and suits. One of the most popular products was their plaid shirts which came in revolutionary bright colours for the first time. A little-known band in the 60s liked the shirts so much that they named themselves the Pendletones. The name didn't stick around for long though and they are now better known as The Beach Boys. Pendleton has been producing outstanding quality for over 100 years and operated throughout more than six generations. A family-owned business for over 150 years, the legacy of quality will never change.


Products from Pendleton

One of their more infamous products is the Pendleton wool plaid shirt. More popular now than ever, they attract a diverse group of consumers from skateboarders to outdoorsmen. This iconic piece has been featured in collaborations with brands such as Nike, Vans and Levis to name a few however we feel you can never beat the original.

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