Native Union

About Native Union

In a market that has been completely over-saturated with cheap mobile and laptop accessories – the poorly crafted, Made in Taipei type – there is clearly space for high quality tech products at an affordable price. Native Union are one of the companies that have decided to stand up against, to put it nicely, suboptimal tech accessories. Perhaps an unfair condemnation to the economical accessories that’s not guaranteed to work on arrival, it’s obvious reliable tech accessories are becoming more of a necessity in the ever developing world. Native Union have set out to make accessories consist of more than just functionality. Focusing on the three main aspects of creation; Materials, design and quality are at the forefront of their concepts to go with functionality. The quality of Native Union is through subtle but effective design and materials used. The fundamentals of the design rely not just on being functionally efficient but also practically. The Materials are also carefully considered, defining timeless style and distinctive appeal.


History of Native Union

Igor Duc & John Brunner founded Native Union in 2009. The goal was to create products that enhance the way you live and work. Their award-winning in-house design team work with three main principles in mind: User experience, innovation through materials, and attention to detail. These core beliefs have coincided with Native Union becoming an international company.


Products From Native Union

Native Union’s main principles are evident in every one of their products with the Lightning Night Cable being a perfect example. A weighted knot at phone end of the cable to act as an anchor, 3m cable for convenience, and a tangle-free, tightly woven nylon outer of the cable displays the painstaking process Native Union take. They do their core products to perfection and the Luxury Tech products they produce are on an equal parity. The Black Marble iPhone dock is an excellently produced tech product. As a phone dock it’s an eye-catching creation with great attention to detail, radiating absolute style and class, clearly demonstrating the rise of tech product within the contemporary market.

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