About Marvis 

Marvis decided to make toothpaste that little bit more specialised - something that’s honestly not easily done. They’ve provided a modern spin on mouth freshness, with their collection of seven different flavours a go-to for people on first dates and nights out, advancing a simple daily routine by adding a new dimension to this aspect of men’s grooming. Their different flavours have a distinctive taste and can be a smoker’s best friend, but the brands not solely about toothpaste. Their other product is toothpaste’s customary partner, mouthwash, and with their dedication to fresh breath Marvis have created a great combination of products that’s perfect for everyday use. 


History of Marvis

While most toothpastes are probably made in a laboratory in some business and industrial corner of the world, Marvis is not of that ilk and is certainly not the typical consumers toothpaste. Marvis products are originally from Florence, Italy, with the luxury toothpaste brand being well known throughout the world.


Products from Marvis

Marvis has taken the concept of toothpaste being just mint and created seven different flavours to blow mint out of the water. There is certainly a flavour that will intrigue all, with mint coming in different variations consisting of strong, aquatic and whitening. The other four flavours are the intriguing ones, offering a new taste to brushing your teeth. Probably the most refreshing combination is the Ginger Mint toothpaste. Both ginger and mint generally create a tingling feeling, so it’s no wonder that this combination is one of the most popular, as it will leave the coolest sensation. The Cinnamon mint toothpaste has the same sort of feeling but a mellower and warming sensation associated with the spice. The other two flavours from Marvis are Amarelli Liquorice Mint and Jasmin mint.

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