About Manastash

Manastash is casual outdoor clothing company based in Tokyo, Japan. They have a strong work philosophy which is to create the best outdoors clothing by using sustainable materials such as hemp, recycled fleece and dead-stock fabrics. Manastash recognise that the term outdoors clothing can range from scaling a mountain to taking a brisk walk to the pub. Therefor, they design and construct their garments to fit the purpose at hand. By also using performance fabrics such as Pertex, eVent and Primaloft, Manastash’s product range is composed of different levels of technology in line with what the garment is meant to be worn for. “It may be overlooked that the materials used for high-spec jackets sometimes sacrifice the environment they are made for”


History of Manastash 

Manastash was originally created in Seattle by Robert Jungman while he was studying at college in 1993. It was set up as an eco focused clothing brand which ,during its inception; in the early 90s was quite a left field concept. Back then, the fabrics made with Hemp were still developing therefore, the brand was having a hard time to produce the goods in the same quality and consistency as they do now. Takehiro Fujitsuka and his team were one of the first retailers stocking the brand and where blown away by how beneficial hemp is to the environment. It is more vigorous than cotton and grows fast without using fertiliser or agrochemical, thus eco-friendly. Manastash was one of the first brands to utilise Hemp as a material for the garments. 


The brand takes its name from the Manastash trail located in the Cascade Mountains which extend from B.C. Canada through Northern California. Although Jungman is no longer a part of the brand, it is now in the safe hands of a small Japanese collective, fronted by head designer and brand manager Fuji.


Products from Manastash

The way Manastash steers clear of trends and phases means for a truly original product each and every time. Paired with the brands high focus on eco- friendly garments, there are not many brands on the market capable of producing what Manastash can. One of our favourites at The Idle Man Camper Pants. These technical trousers will leave you looking styling yet feeling ready to tackle the Manastash trail itself. Happy hiking. 

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