Malin & Goetz

About Malin & Goetz

Malin & Goetz are the definition of an easy-to-use skincare brand. Based out of New York, their apothecary products are a popular go-to for many people as they’ve become renowned for their originality and clean formulas. Suitable for men and women, Malin & Goetz offer innovative formulas with a balanced pH level across all their products. Ranging from the face to the body and hair, they understand that natural ingredients can go a long way to address skin sensitivities and irritations. Within this understanding they have been able to blend the natural ingredients with performance technologies resulting in effective results for company and consumer. They are more than just a skincare company, also offering a unique collection of fragrances through their, EDP and EDT range, perfume oils and candles.

History of Malin & Goetz

The creation of Malin & Goetz was the result of solution finding regarding various different skin conditions. Unfortunate when it came to his dermatological condition, Matthew Malin suffered from rosacea, eczema, seborrhea, fragrance allergies and dry skin for many years. Malin teamed up with co-founder Andrew Goetz to produce formulas to counteract skin ailments. Launched in March 2004, Malin and Goetz opened their original apothecary store in the Chelsea neighbourhood of New York City. Over the last decade they have been able to expand, moving wholesale and commerce operations to a local warehouse and opening new shops in New York, LA and Santa Monica.

Products from Malin & Goetz

They consider their candles as a product for the mind. They have been created using unique and exotic scents from around the world regarding them as not your run-of-the-mill candle. Their cannabis candle is one of the more popular products. Incorporating top notes of citrus, base notes of oakmoss and amber-patchouli and 16% Eau de Toilette, the cannabis candle may be completely synthesised but Malin & Goetz have created a fantastic replica scent of the potent plant. Their skincare range continues to be at the forefront of their recognition. The Vitamin E face moisturiser is one of the essential products, offering an oil free and residue free formula, keeping skin hydrated and free from drying. Two other popular products are the Malin & Goetz grapefruit face cleanser and the Malin & Goetz dark rum candle.

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