Laboratory Perfumes

About Laboratory Perfumes

It’s important that in your day to day life you not only look good, but you smell good too. With the on slaughter of celebrity scents and chemical packed perfumes, wouldn’t it be nice to have something simple? Laboratory Perfumes offers four unique scents, Amber, Gorse, Samphire and Tonka, all created from natural oils and blended to create a fragrance that reacts with the wearer and changes uniquely throughout the day. Producing luxury perfumes and scented candles that are gender free and stay clear of artificial flavours, Laboratory Perfumes are a brand that focuses on the wearer as well as the scent. 


History of Laboratory Perfumes

Beginning in 2011 Laboratory Perfumes took their expansive knowledge of the perfume industry and began creating their own unique scents. With the desire to step away from rigid gender based perfumes, and instead create scents that were suited solely on the wearer’s individual preferences, Laboratory took their perfume lab and began experimenting with combinations that would compliment both men and women, yet have a subtle difference depending on who was wearing the scents. Inspired by the natural scents of Britain and beyond, Laboratory Perfumes creates quality products that will become lifelong favourites from the first spray. 


Products from Laboratory Perfumes

Looking for the perfect gifts for Christmas or birthday? What better present than a natural smelling perfume that adapts to the wearers chemical formula, creating a scent that’s unique to them? With four perfumes to choose from, from the sweet yet earthy Samphire to the warm, citrus Tonka, there’s something for everyone. If however perfume isn’t your thing, there’s still the highly scented and perfectly understated scented candles, which will easily give your room or house a gentle lift and make it a more warm and inviting place to be. Find your new signature scent with Laboratory Perfumes, and ensure you always smell your best. 

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