About Hawksmill Denim Co.  

Hawksmill Denim Co. is a premium denim brand exclusively designed and based out of Britain. Hawksmill carries all the conventions and craft of what a British brand is traditionally recognised to be – clean, smart but also casual. They create well-made and enduring garments, staying away from clichéd trends, focusing on the longevity of, and the timeless nature of their clothing. Hawksmill jeans are their most prestigious product. They’re built to last, designed with the utmost attentive detail and combine functionality and character. .


History of Hawksmill Denim Co.  

Founded by ex-Nudie man Fraser Trewick, the credentials of Hawksmill’s founder have been displayed and manifested in indigo-dyed cotton form. That’s not to say Hawksmill are as prevalent as Nudie, but they’re certainly on their way. Trewick has taken his knowledge of the denim sector and made good use of it in sourcing materials. Some of the denim used in Hawksmill jeans comes from the world famous Cone Mills White Oak factory in North Carolina, while they have also sourced premium selvedge from Japan. The jeans are manufactured in Europe using vintage Union Special machines and historical construction methods.  


Products form Hawksmill

Hawksmill jeans are weighty, and in the jeans world that is recognised as a good thing. A combination of organic cotton, rinsed washes and Japanese selvedge displays their expertise in having top quality styles and materials. Hawksmill have also developed a lot of their styles in three different fits making themselves more available to the consumer. You can buy your dry Japanese selvedge jeans (or most other of their jeans) in a slim tapered fit, regular fit or a loose tapered fit depending to your preference. They have produced a range of t-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts to complement their denim. Crew neck sweatshirts might display simplicity but there’s nothing wrong with that, making their clothes great for everyday use. Thicker material and detailed stitching evidently show the quality of their sweatshirts and T-shirts, ensuring value for money in terms of longevity.  

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