About Fjallraven


The revolutionary Swedish outdoor clothing company have been about since the 1950s. A young Ake Nordin found that the un-structured rucksacks of the time were not practical as they would sag, causing the wearer to have to double over to even the weight. Before one of his regular trips up the mountain, he devised a backpack frame that would give the holdall structure, increasing the load cartable and distributing the weight across the back more evenly. Ten years later after serving military service, Fjallraven was born.

History of Fjallraven


During the brand's infant years Fjallraven created the first condensation free tent as well as a new material, G-1000 which is still widely used today due to its hard wearing, water resistant qualities. To say Fjallraven was revolutionary would be an understatement.


As the company grew the small the cellar office was replaced by the company’s own factory. From here is where legendary products such as the Greenland Trousers, Expedition Down Jacket, Gyro backpack and the Kånken everyday backpack were created. The Kånken, in particular, was created after Åke Nordin had read a concerning article about undue strain placed on school children’s backs.

Products from Fjallraven


Fjallraven now makes a vast selection of outdoor goods, from jackets and boots to tents and gun cases, but the product that set them off will always be their key piece. The humble rucksack has come a long way since Ake first laid his mark on it in the 1950s. The brand has gone on to manufacture a massive selection of different bags for all different occasion but the most iconic is the Kånken. Practically un-altered since its inception in the 60s, the only difference now is that it comes in a much broader range of colours and materials than before.

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