Dr Martens

About Dr Martens

Dr Martens is a British footwear brand synonymous for the creations of classic ankle boots and brogues. Made with high quality leather and thick rubber soles, Dr Martens signature design is the yellow stitching which they have implemented to their classic shoes. The footwear is also appreciated for the air-cushioned soles, solid shoe shape and welted structure. Popular with men, women and children, Dr Martens have been a staple of British culture for a long time, seeing out the end of one era and continuing their dominance into the next. Major collaborations have been a reason for their consistent relevance to style. Dr Martens or otherwise known as Doc Martens or Docs will always have a place in British style and ultimately continue to be recognised as a classic.


History of Dr Martens

The classics that we know today are created via two-pronged process of inception. Initially starting out in 1901, the Griggs family started making shoes in the small town of Wollaston, Northamptonshire. For the next 60 years these boots were popular if unspectacular in England, known to be solid and durable work boots. While the Griggs’s boots where being manufactured in the UK, Dr. Klaus Maertens in 1945 created a boot with a unique air-cushioned sole. His innovation derived from the uncomfortable boots soldiers had to wear, making his creation a success and necessity from the beginning. Entering the 60s, the Griggs manufacturers bought the rights to the air cushioned sole patent and from there the Dr Martens was born. The first Dr. Martens boots to be produced for the UK was the ‘1460’ boot. Oxblood in colour, it smooth leather 8-eyelet boot would become a cult classic during the 70’s.


Products from Dr Martens

Dr Martens are as reliable as a boot can possibly be. Made from the classic Dr Martens leather, these boots are durable, reliable and stylish. The oxblood 8-eye classic will sure bring a hit of colour to your outfit. Coming from the ‘Made in England’ core collection, the classic high shine leather monkey boot is quintessentially English and an all-round classic. Made with a Goodyear welt, this boot has been sewn together rather than glued, and comes in a premium leather as well as with an air cushioned sole, making this boot a long lasting staple. 

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