About Converse

With their shoes able to match with virtually any outfit, Converse has established itself as one of the world’s leading trainer brands. Whether you’re talking about their trainers in England or their sneakers in North America, Converse remains a favourite among all ages and backgrounds. Their range of styles and colours make Converse a great go to for all, enabling people to make easy colour matches with outfits they might struggle with. High tops remain one of their most iconic product, with the skater influence cementing their popularity. With their footwear associated with contemporary fashion after it’s initial sporting roots, Converse sneakers have shown up in rock clubs, on the streets, on rappers, on icons, on rebels and originals.


History of Converse

In 1908 a rubber shoe company that made galoshes started to make rubber-based trainers, dawning the introduction of Converse. By 1920 Converse was in full swing, creating canvas basketball trainers. The popularity of their basketball trainers was introduced the moniker ‘All Star’ and endorsement by the now iconic Chuck Taylor. Converse had free reign as the official footwear company for the NBA until the 1970’s. The competition from emerging competitors meant that the All Star was becoming obsolete due to its old fashioned style, but as the basketball door closed, there where others that opened. Converse bought the rights of the Jack Purcell trainer – which was a lo-top version of their All Star. The biggest shift came as Converse left sports but gained popularity as a casual footwear brand and being seen as something more. Popularity increased and Converse became an everyday item to contemporary fashion.


Products from Converse

If you're looking for a classic design with a timeless quality then you can do no wrong with Converse All Star Hi-Tops. With dozens of colours available, you’ll be able to find a pair that will work perfectly with your style. Converses are a popular festival shoe, often being a great go to because of the available colours. Converse Jack Purcell's and Low Top’s are the ultimate festival staple, being lightweight and breathable for those all day movements.

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