Cole Haan

About Cole Haan


Cole Haan is a world renowned lifestyle brand that specialises in footwear and accessories for both men and women. Founded in Chicago in 1928, the brand now have over 70 stores globally with locations including Hawaii, Japan and much of Europe. 


History of Cale Haan


What was originally a strictly menswear brand was founded by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan. The pair started out only producing footwear but as they gained popularity, started branching out into other leather goods such as bags and wallets. They developed the brand around the ethos of “to make good goods, and nothing but good goods”.


In 1975 the original founders of Cole Haan sold the business to George Denney. Along with his executive partners he set out to expand on the foundations established by Cole and Haan, transforming the label into one of the leasing U.S footwear brands. By 1982 they had launched a retail division which comprised of more than 40 stores worldwide.


After being sold once more, Cole Haan is now lead by Jack A. Boys, with its headquarters situated in New Hampshire and its design centre in New York City.


Products from Cole Haan


Footwear is what gave Cole Haan its well known status as a leading lifestyle brand in the 30s and 40s and although the product may look different now the formula is still the same. The company have well any truly perfected their crafty when it comes to leather goods and footwear in particular. Managing to carefully blend form and function for a timeless end product, Cole Haan shoes are a staple piece for any mans wardrobe. One of our favourites is the Grandpro Runner. A luxurious take on a classic running shoe, the Grandrpro features high quality leather sitting proudly on a spongey running sole for comfort and style in one hit. 

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