About Champion  

It’s the sports brand that merges the practicality of sportswear and the clean, striking style of modern streetwear. Champion has established itself as one of the go to brands for quality sports style apparel, and with its range of styles, fits and colours, it’s not afraid to experiment with different design elements, while still maintaining its classic statement style. 


History of Champion

The history of Champion goes back to 1919, where two brothers from Rochester, New York, founded a brand dedicated to their passion for sportswear. They began providing their products to Michigan University, but when word of the quality of their apparel began to spread they soon began to branch out to other schools. It wasn’t long till the military became interested in their sportswear, and Champion began providing them with pieces for their P.E classes. In the 1950s Champion produced the logo that has stayed with them to this day, attaching it to the left sleeve of all their sweatshirts to give a personalised touch to their apparel. In the 1970s Champion made history by designing the popular hooded sweatshirt, as well a breathable nylon mesh fabric, used in many jackets today, as well as the double sided t-shirt. Over the years Champion has strengthened its reputation in the athletic world by becoming the official outfitter for all 27 teams of the NBA, and has continued to push boundaries with the style and design of its clothes, going for bolder colour combinations and unique patterns.


Products from Champion

Champion’s statement, block colour sweatshirts blend classic fits with less conventional colour options, such a pink, pastel blue and pillar box red, giving you a clean yet striking finish that’s perfect paired with some simple jeans or shorts. With each design featuring Champion’s trademark logo, either on the sleeve or the chest, even if you choose a simple piece, such as their versatile white t-shirts, there’ll always be an added touch of interest, to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Champion is a brand that’s not afraid to take risks, and this shows in their colourful creations and collaborations. For sportswear with a twist, as well as rich history, Champion is the brand for you. 

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