About Casio

It’s hard to believe that a company that used to develop calculators is now known as one of the leading watch companies in the world. With their range of watches, from the rough and virtually unbreakable G-Shock, to the retro look, digital Classic range, Casio’s creations are all made with strong, long lasting technology to ensure they’ll stay perfectly formed and on the go for generations. Casio have built up a strong reputation from the short time they’ve been around, and are seen as the epitome of classic watch technology and strong versatile designs. For a investment piece that you can easily pass down from generation to generation, a Casio watch is a definite must. 


History of Casio

Beginning as a respectable Japanese company that developed technological products, including calculators and projectors, it wasn’t until 1974 that Casio developed its first watch - the Casiotron, a device that was capable of displaying dates way ahead of European or American designs. Over the years, along with other technological creations, Casio designed and produced various styles of watches, from digital pieces, to more traditional analogue watches. Today it’s one of the leading watch designers and contributors, and has a reputation creating stylish, versatile and comfortable watches, that are perfect for any age. 


Products from Casio

When it comes to watches Casio has one of the most eclectic ranges around. From classic timepieces to retro styles, there are designs to suit everyone regardless of personal taste. Go for a chunky, hard wearing G-Shock piece if you’re on the go, or a sleeker slim line digital piece for a more formal look. Whatever you choose, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your Casio watch will be with you through thick and thin, and has a history of reliable designs and flawless technology. 


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