Calvin Klein Underwear

About Calvin Klein Underwear 

It’s the brand you can’t escape from. Whether its adverts are pasted on the side of a bus, or displayed on a 10ft billboard, Calvin Klein has grown into one of the most influential retailers in the world, and it’s not just its memorable adverts that have pushed it into the limelight. If you’re looking for the best of the best in comfort, style and fit in underwear, then Calvin Klein is king. With it’s high quality, breathable cotton, easy stretch fit and bold print logo, this is Calvin Klein underwear that’s made to compliment any shape, whether you’re a rocking a six pack or a dad bod. 


History of Calvin Klein Underwear  

It was only in 1982 that the legendary designer first introduced his men's underwear brand, shunning the idea that briefs and boxers needed to be solely practical. Fit was important, with the typically loose fit men’s trunks re-designed to take on a slimmer, more streamlined appearance. This helped change the ways men’s underwear was seen and marketed, and introduced a little sex appeal to the bland selection on offer before. It’s now one of the most respected and well known underwear brands in the world, with everyone from A-listers to your next door neighbour having a pair in their drawer. 


Products from Calvin Klein Underwear  

Go for comfortable trunks in every colour, with the statement Calvin Klein underwear elasticated brand on every pair, offering you subtle, yet iconic look that can peak out past your jeans. Multi-packs offer you simple, versatile pairs in black and white cotton stretch designs, or you can go for individual pieces in bright colours and a micro-fibre stretch. Grab a few pairs for a versatile collection you can easily mix and match, safe in the knowledge that with their long lasting quality, you’ll never have to deal with ill fitting briefs ever again. 

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