Bowers & Wilkins

About Bowers and Wilkins


Bowers and Wilkins are a British company creating audio equipment, specialising in loudspeakers. With research and development at the heart of the company, Bowers and Wilkins invested huge earnings into new product development to keep ahead of the competition.

History of Bowers and Wilkins


The company was formed initially as a radio and electronics shop by John Bowers and Roy Wilkins after serving together in the Royal Corps of Signals during the second world war. The pair went on to expand the company through introducing televisions as well as a rental business, loaning out equipment. When they began distributing public address equipment to schools and churches in Sussex, Bowers became increasingly involved in the design and assembly of loudspeakers, ultimately leading to the set up of his own production line in the company workshop.


As the 60s drew to a close Bowers had separated himself from the shop completely and set up B&W Loudspeakers Ltd. The first commercial loudspeaker to come out of the company was the P1 in 1967. A few models later lead to the DM6 which was the first loudspeaker to be made using Kevlar midrange drivers. Bowers and Wilkins continued to innovate their speakers more and more right up till the start of the 21st Century.


With the constant changes in technology, Bowers and Wilkins had to continually update their products. 2008 saw the birth of their first high-performance iPod dock. Far removed from the speakers of old, however, always keeping that key B&W styling that made their products so timeless in the first place. They took this same approach when producing the first Bowers and Wilkins headphones in 2010 and it has carried over ever since.

Products from Bowers and Wilkins


The various loudspeakers that Bowers and Wilkins produce now will always be iconic in both technology and style. However, the high-quality headphones on offer today show the brand in a modern light. Always keeping the classic styling and using the highest standard materials.

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