About Bobble Water Bottles 

In the rapidly growing industry of eco-friendly products, Bobble is a leading brand within the reusable water bottle trade. With the uncertainties around tap water, and bottled water being a luxury not everyone has in their budget, Bobble decided to combine both. Dispelling any negatives of using tap water, they created a nourishing, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for the way tap water can be bottled. With a new style of bottle that is reusable Bobble provided the efficiency and green-minded characteristics of the modern age. The nourishing part is having a carbon filter within the cap, providing a great taste of water you can drink that comes directly from the tap by filtering out any unwanted particles.


History of Bobble Water Bottles

Bobble was created in 2010 with the sole purpose of finding a genuine solution to reducing the copious amount of waste created by the two billion litres of bottled water consumed in the UK per year. Since then, they have grown exponentially with Bobble being drafted by stockists across the world. In five years the company has been able to deliver products across five continents, outlining their great success and reaffirming the world’s desire for methods of recycling and sustainability. In 2013 the brand was acquired by leading green brand, Seventh Generation, further enhancing Bobble’s reputation as environmentally appropriate and enabling Bobble water bottles to outreach further through an umbrella company with a major portfolio.


Products from Bobble Water Bottles

The Bobble water bottles can be found in plenty of different sizes, starting from a half litre and varying up to a litre. Their styles vary too, from sports bottles with a shape to suit those jogging, to insulated bottle to keep the temperature at a constant level for longer. The bottles are reusable and for a very long time and the water filters are too, lasting the equivalent of 300 single serve bottles. A great feature to the filters is they fit each varied water bottle.

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