About Baracuta


Baracuta are the proud creators of the Harrington jacket, now widely replicated by everyone from Ralph Lauren to Supreme. These no nonsense jackets hail from Manchester, an infamously rainy city in the north of England, and have been bred to withstand the harshest of downpours.


History of Baracuta


As well as being notoriously rainy, Manchester in the 1930s was the cotton capital of the world. Deciding to combine the cities best and worst features were the Miller brothers, Issac and John. The pair started Baracuta as a factory that would make waterproof coats and jackets for the likes of Burberry and Aquascutum.


By the end of the 1930s, the Miller brothers had begun to develop Baracuta as an independent brand, creating a number of unique designs, each with a numerical codename. Receiving relative success, the business afforded them the chance of joining Manchester's social elite by joining the local members-only golf club. Whilst on the course the Millers spotted the need for a practical jacket for golfing in the rain, and shortly after the G9 jacket (G standing for golf) was born.


By the time Baracuta had crossed the pond in the 50s their jackets were being worn by everyone from Ronald Reagan to members of Brit-punk band The Clash.


Products from Baracuta


The G9 Baracuta Harrington jacket is the most iconic piece to come out of the Manchester based brand. Its origins can be traced back as far as the 1930s. Having been worn by the likes of Elvis Presley in the 50s, Steve McQueen in the 60s, Frank Sinatra in the 70s and an array of different subcultures throughout all these periods, the G9 has stood the test of time. Its water resistant outer made it the perfect light jacket for the Londoners who opted away from a long mac.

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