About Ayame

Ayame is responsible for creating the most lightweight, durable socks on the market. Crafted from the softest cotton in a variety of styles and patterns, this brand is best known for its use of bright colours and graphic prints. Together with the superior craftsmanship that is put into each pair, Ayame socks are not a product to miss out on.


History of Ayame

Aya Agaoka created Ayame in 2007 with the vision to carve a niche in “leg fashion” with her own brand. She believes that with a little help, everyday life can be dramatic, intriguing, inspiring and effortlessly glamorous. Which as a metaphor for socks is quite far removed from what most of us don our feet in. The company is based in two lively cities, Tokyo and London. The headquarters, in Tokyo, is the hub of Ayame's creative production. London, the other half of the operation, is where the cogs of the business churn. Having the showroom in London also makes it easier for Ayamé to reach out to the rest of the world.


Ayamé explores innovative creation by working with experienced Japanese craftsmen. Once two-dimensional designs are transferred onto the knitting machine, the surface enhances their expression with intricate depth and textures. "Ayame produces products which brighten up everyday life vividly by collaborating the atmosphere of the times and skilled craftsmanship."


Products from Ayame

Due to Ayame being solely a sock brand they have left no stone unturned throughout the design and manufacturing process. Whether you’re in the market for something subtle and subdued or a bright pop of colour to liven up your suit attire then Ayame have you covered on all fronts. The Basket Lunch socks feature a classic textured and patterned weave, reaching the mid-calf, and have reinforced toes and heels with contrast colour blocking.

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