Armor Lux

About Armor Lux 

French fashion brand Armor Lux have made their name through the originality of their clothing, displaying a flair for simplistic style and things relatable to the sea. Whether they have the navy or the local fishermen in mind, Armor Lux describe their brand as ‘marine clothing inspired by French Maritime traditions and the values conveyed by the sea’. Armor Lux has a long-standing history of traditionalist style with the Breton Stripe, a style synonymous with France, being heavily featured within their core products. While not a household name on these shores or the United States, Armor Lux is a go to brand in France. This is evident by their large collections of men's clothing, women's clothing and children's clothing.


History of Armor Lux 

Swiss Walter Hubacher established Armor Lux in 1938. Established primarily to create and produce high quality underwear , Armor Lux – otherwise known as The Bonneterie d’Armor (loosely translated to Hosiery of Armor) – in the subsequent 80 years has significantly evolved. Their very first factory was opened in the North West region of France in a town called Qulmper. The town is the start of the Odet River, with the mouth of the Odet leading out to the Atlantic Ocean, drawing conclusions to why they were inspired by marine clothing  


Products from Armor Lux

The Breton stripe is synonymous with France and Armor Lux. The t-shirts with the sequential stripe pattern has always been popular on the continent but has taken a little longer to make an impact in the UK. Armor Lux has produced its heritage collection to showcase a more classic style. Long sleeve t-shirts in a complete range of colours have made a strong impact – becoming the perfect choice for spring and summer. Their stripes have also been incorporated onto their jumpers too. Lightweight material makes them perfect for layering with a jackets for autumn & winter, while making them viable as a stand-alone for spring and summer. One of their most sought-after products is the hooded fisherman smock. Functioning as a hoodie as well as a waterproof jacket, the hooded smock is typical of Armor Lux’s marine style.  

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