7 New Streetwear Brands That You Need To See

7 New Streetwear Brands That You Need To See

The world of streetwear can be daunting if you've never delved into it before. With so many brands out there and many sub-categories within the style, the streetwear world is easy to get lost in. New brands seem to appear every day just as old ones disappear. In this guide, we'll be showing you the best upcoming streetwear brands that you must check out. 

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Polish Designer Natalia Maczek's label has made a huge impact on the world of streetwear in the last year. Debates have stemmed over whether it really is streetwear, or whether it's high-fashion. Either way, all the attention has been pointing their way recently, with stars such as Kylie Jenner and Rhianna being seen sporting the brand. With their most recent collection being based on early 2000's rave culture, and the epitome of youth, Misbhv certainly is becoming one of the best up and coming fashion brands.

Misbhv Hard Core FW16 Jacket and T-Shirt

Noon Goons

Fresh out of LA, only dropping their first ever collection last year, Kurt Narmore and Rick Klotz bring us Noon Goons. Their new SS17 collection gives us a taste of their west-coast, surf-punk style. Featuring tees, hoodies, zip-ups and quarter-zips, you can't help but think of clear grunge influences, the lookbook is obviously reminiscent of the golden days of the 90's grunge era.

Noon Goons Fall 2016 Hoodie and Button Up
PHOTO CREDIT: The Hundreds

M+RC Noir

Another strong contender as one of the best new urban streetwear brands out there is Yoni Zalberg's M+RC Noir. With huge names such as Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti and Young Thug wearing the brand on the regular, it was guaranteed to get some attention soon. Rumour has it a London store will be opening sometime in 2017, with stores in Paris and Japan already open and on their way to dominating the market. Their current collection features vibrant orange and blue camo throughout and multiple tracksuits that scream 80's revival.

M+RC Noir 35mm Shots Tracksuit and Denim Jacket


If you know anything about streetwear in 2017, I'm sure you've heard of Palace Skateboards. Palace team rider and model Blondey McCoy has single-handedly run his own brand Thames for several years now. However recently it's gaining more attention than ever, with Blondey making more of a name for himself. Everything Thames produce is ready to wear daily, and most importantly ready to skate in daily. Their latest SS17 collection proudly screams all things British, and more specifically London, with Blondey playing a huge part in the capitals skate scene from the tender age of 13.

Thames Pop Art Style Lookbook Photo
PHOTO CREDIT: Dazed Digital


Notorious designers Sk8thing (Graphics), Hishi (Production), and Toby Feltwell (ideas and direction) created Cav-Empt in 2011. All three are well known for their work on established brands such as A Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club previously. Cav-Empt is by no means a new brand to the scene, however up until now it was lacking the attention it deserved. When asked about their brand, the trio simply replied "we make clothes in the only way that makes sense to us". It's clear that there is a lot of inspiration from the skate scene, but also grime culture and the sci-fi world. Although all the creators of Cav-Empt have been involved with big brands prior to their own, they were always somewhat behind the scenes and never really getting their big break, which is why they decided to join forces and create something revolutionary. Their SS17 collection features 90's rave graphics and baggy fits combined with loud graphics.

Cav Empt SS17 Runway Pieces
PHOTO CREDIT: Highsnobiety

Places + Faces

Originally a photography project, Places + Faces was created by two Londoners in their 20's, Imran Ciesay and Solomon Boyede. Spending several years travelling the world and meeting some of the biggest names in popular culture - Kanye West, Drake and Frank Ocean to name just a few, the duo would document their travels through the lens of 35mm point and shoot cameras. Publishing what they captured to the Tumblr blog they created, it didn't take long for them to amass a huge following. Shortly after they began creating merchandise, which has now transformed into a fully fledged brand stocked at some of the world's most reputable high fashion retailers. New drops now sell out almost instantly on their online store, and streetwear kids worldwide queue for hours to get their hands on the latest collection. Places + Faces SS17 is available now, and features olde-english style graphics throughout, as well as the notoriously hard to get shoulder bags.

Places + Faces Bomber Jacket and Beanie Hat
PHOTO CREDIT: Highsnobiety

Hood By Air

HBA is a brand you've most likely heard of, but probably not for several years. After a brief spark of success in 2012/2013 due to influencers such as ASAP Rocky and Kanye sporting the brand, they almost crashed and burned like a lot of new brands inevitably do. However recently they've made a huge comeback and are receiving more attention than ever before. HBA's aesthetic stands out proud in a world of similarities, with a bold red and black theme throughout. Many have compared their style to that of the anime world, alas the brand is extremely popular in the Eastern world. If designer Shayne Oliver continues the way he is, Hood By Air could be up there with the biggest street brands in the world.

Hood By Air Anime Style Black and Red Runway Pieces
PHOTO CREDIT: Highsnobiety

On That Note

Up and coming clothing brands are everywhere in this day and age, and with so many on the market, it can be hard to miss some of the best out there. In this guide we've highlighted the ones to keep an eye on, they'll only be getting bigger with time. If you're looking to buy streetwear, check out Champion, HUF, Carhartt WIP, or Dickies on our store.


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