How to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe This Summer

How to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe This Summer

Men's summer trends can vary year to year, but one thing you can always count on is the sun shining (unless you live in Britain of course). But regardless of the weather, some pieces are always worth pulling out in the warmer months, and with this definitive list of summer essentials, you'll never be caught out.

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Summer Shirts

Unless you bathe in antiperspirant on a daily basis, it's likely that you sweat. So you'll definitely be sweating a lot more in the summer. If we're honest there's not a lot you can do to tame these sweats, but by choosing the right materials you can allow your skin to breathe and prevent your body from getting too overheated. Materials like nylon, polyester and rayon should be avoided, because unless you want to turn into a sweaty mess these will leave you cocooned in a tent of your own body heat. So instead, go for some of these summer friendly fabrics.

  • 100% cotton/seersucker cotton/madras cotton - Soft, durable, breathable, and because it's a natural fabric it absorbs moisture.
  • Linen - Absorbs moisture but dries quickly, ensuring you're not left with any noticeable sweat patches. Get a linen blend if you don't want to deal with wrinkled shirts.

A simple Oxford shirt with shorts is a perfect smart summer outfit. You can also try out different styles of shirts, opting for Grandad or Cuban collars, these will give your wardrobe a break from the conventional designs. Short sleeve designs are an obvious choice and can be matched with everything from lightweight chinos to jeans - just keep it to the casual days out rather than the office.

Summer Suits

Summer wear for men doesn't always take formal dress into consideration, and every man has dealt with the summer workday dilemma. You need to go to work and you need to look smart, but, after a commute in the heat, you look like you've had a spin in a washing machine. Your boss then tells you that you look scruffy and you sit dejected at your desk for half the morning.

Linen is a classic choice, and with its lightweight yet strong finish you'll achieve a clean, sleek look while staying cool and feeling fresh. Go for a cotton and linen blend to gain the benefits of both materials, leaving you with a breathable suit that won't wrinkle like pure linen. Pair your suit up with a 100% cotton shirt and some suede loafers and you'll be office ready and not a sweaty mess when you rock up to work.

grey suit mens street style-min
A suit in the summer needs to be cool to wear

Summer Shorts

Okay, don't roll your eyes just yet, we know it's an obvious one, but summer shorts for men have the ability to look either fresh, preppy and lightweight, or god awful. Make sure you're avoiding the god awful stage by following these simple guidelines.

  • Don't go too short - Shorts that finish just above the knee are ideal. Anything higher is going to look a little odd, and honestly, no matter how great your legs are, no one wants to see that much of your thigh when you're out and about.
  • Keep things trim - Baggy shorts aren't a summer look for guys, so while we're not suggesting super tight fits, if you can feel a breeze heading towards your nether regions you should opt for a slimmer design.
  • Choose your materials wisely - Fabrics matter for shirts and suits, but the same can be said for your legwear. Denim shorts for men are probably out of the question, and a chambray material is a good alternative, giving you the same textured finish but without the weight.
  • Give yourself choices - Cool summer clothes for guys are invaluable, so make sure you've got a few good options to choose from. Linen, tailored shorts for smart casual looks, chambray shorts for more casual outfits, and some colourful shorts when you fancy a more vibrant finish. 
  • Pick the right footwear - Shorts and plimsolls is a comfortable, classic combination. Shorts and brogues aren't. Shorts and loafers is a smarter, more tailored combination. Shorts and boot aren't. Bad combinations should be obvious, but make sure to double check you haven't created a Frankenstein's monster outfit.

Summer Loafers

It's time to mention the shoes you can only really wear in the warmer months - loafers. They've been classic summer wear for men for years and can be incorporated into a variety of outfits. Slip them on with some summer shorts and an oxford shirt or go for a more casual look with a pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt.

Leather loafers look great and work well with more tailored outfits, but can sometimes get a little hot. Always invest in some no-show socks to avoid sweaty feet, or opt for a softer and more breathable suede design. Summer fashion for men doesn't have to be restricted to a formal or casual look.

What to Wear In Summer

  • Shirt - Go for breathable materials like cotton or linen. Embrace men’s summer fashion without overheating.
  • Suits - Swap your tweed designs for lighter linen or seersucker cotton ones.
  • Shorts - Grab a range, from tailored linen designs to casual chambray ones.
  • Loafers - Ideal for smart and casual looks. Try wearing some chinos and espadrilles for a classic look. 

Adam Shorts Men Look
A few key pieces and you're summer ready

On That Note

Guy's summer fashion tends to be fairly simple, focusing mainly on appropriate materials and comfortable fits. Investing in a few versatile summer staples allows you to create a wide range of looks without having to spend a small fortune. Play around with different looks and have fun mixing and matching pieces - just remember the basic guidelines on what fits and combinations work and which ones don't.


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