Support Your Favourite Team in Style

Support Your Favourite Team in Style

Check out this guide on what to wear to a football match so you can get fully kitted out for the match you've been anticipating; big or small and look like a winner.

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Football can be a funny old game and it's even harder when you're sitting on a cold, plastic seat with nothing but your team scarf to keep out the chill. Remember the first match you ever went to? I certainly do! It was an experience I'll never forget (we won) and this wet and windy afternoon taught me about the off-side rule and the valuable fashion lesson of layering up on the terraces.

Every club and their respective fans have long-lasting traditions that make football unique. Brave are those whose adrenaline is pumping so hard that the shirt on their back is enough and bold are those who decide to leave their tops at home but we think you can create your own version of unique with some durable, top to toe statement pieces. Football is a game of two halves but if you switch your fashion game, it will be a winning one.

Down Jacket

Scandinavian brand, Selected Homme, have designed a jacket with you and your technology in mind. Where else can you find a jacket with a clip for a headphone cord and a pocket, especially made to hold the phone! This down jacket is lined, hooded, waterproof and padded for warmth; the ultimate in comfort and versatility for all football weathers.

selected down jacket grey
SHOP: Down Jacket Selected Homme

The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is something of a must have in any wardrobe and is perfect for all football occasions. This cool piece from Levi's has quilted lining for warmth and can be matched with all team colours. Wear it with jeans or track suit bottoms for a more relaxed look and include a hooded sweatshirt or team shirt to cap it all off.

Levis green bomber jacket
SHOP: Levis Bomber Jacket

The Hoodie

Simplicity is best and this grainy finished hoodie sits at the very peak of the pile. Mix and match in Winter, Spring or Summer; you can't go wrong. The Idle Man Zip through Hoodie is a must-have layering addition with a soft lining that won't hit you hard thanks to its affordable price tag.

the idle man grey zip through hoodie
SHOP: The Grey Hoodie

The Body Warmer

The Dellwood Jacket by Dickies is spot on if upgrading to layering is to be the new football craze; this will catch on. You can really make the most of this jacket in more ways than one by wearing it under a coat for added warmth or over a football shirt, t-shirt or sweatshirt. If you are the practical kind of guy, this is the one that was made with you in mind.

dickies brown body warmer
SHOP: The Dellwood Body Warmer

Get The Boot

The Dr Martens 8 Eye Rugged Boots are not only easily worn through the stadium turnstiles but their soil resistance means you can wear them whilst watching Sunday League on a mud filled park and still, they keep their colour, shape and quality. Robust and timeless with air cushioned soles. the epitome of fashion cool. To be honest guys, these boots compliment most looks making them a top-buy. How To Style Your Shoe

dr martens rugged boots
SHOP: Dr Martens

Go Denim

Yves Saint Laurent famously said he wished that he had invented 'blue jeans'. Arguably the most versatile piece of clothing and cloth known to man and as denim brands go, Levi's is undoubtedly the most iconic. The 511 Slim Fit Eternal has more than enough stretch to feel comfortable over 90 minutes. Deep pockets, you can even roll the hem up an inch or two for an edge to your over all look. What more could you ask for in a pair of jeans? Bag a pair and you won't regret it.

levis slim fit jeans indigo
SHOP: Slim Fit Jeans


Easy to wear, easier to carry; the Ray-Ban 2140 are exactly the right shades to wear on the best day of the week - Match Day. They are perfect for blocking the sun from spoiling your view of the hallowed turf and for hiding the desperate feelings of a bad result. This classic brand is timeless and works with casual jeans a bomber jacket and a suited and booted ensemble if you are headed for the directors box.

ray ban tortoisehell wayfarer sunglasses
SHOP: Ray-Ban Sunglasses


This Daniel Wellington time piece is a real favourite of The Idle Man. Designed for day-to-day wear and to fit into every occasion with changeable straps yet the face remains recognisable. Canvas or leather, two comfortably worn and easy to maintain materials that compliment out-fits from formal to street. Simple and stylish, the perfect match day accessory.

daniel wellington warwick watch
SHOP: Daniel Wellington Time Watch

And On That Note

In this age of cool sporting football brands, we are able to add and enhance our chosen from the heart team logo. With just a little extra time, the casual football look can be comfortable, warm and on trend. This guide shows you how you can pull off the winning look with Idle Man and match day essentials.


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