5 Top Tips on What to Wear on a Flight

5 Top Tips on What to Wear on a Flight

If you’re lucky enough to have a holiday abroad this year, this guide will show you how to fly in style.

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You've packed your suitcase by outfits, and have the holiday essential staples. But what about the journey there? Do you dress for the British weather or the hot sun you're going to? It can all get a bit confusing.

This flying fashion guide, will show you how you can create a stylised outfit that is comfortable enough to wear on plane. It also goes into how you can inter-change clothes with ease, depending on the time of day, or weather when you finally do reach different tides. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your flight. Because, trust me, you’ll be thoroughly prepared to walk the runway after reading this.

Good Tips to Follow

Make sure all of your clothes are clean to wear on your flight, it’s not nice to sit next to someone who has three day old clothing. It’s best to wear breathable fabric, for instance good quality trainers/boots and special “flight socks”, you really don’t want your clothes to cling to you in any way possible.

If you are getting onto a long haul flight, a pair of slippers would be good to have in your backpack (please only put them on when you are actually on the plane though). The last tip that most forget, is to wear a watch, this will enable you to set the correct time for the country you are going to, a classic yet stylish design will go with any outfit you have on.

outfit grid mens trainers and watch
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The Bag

Check with your airline provider before you do anything else, about what size bag is allowed as “carry-on luggage” aboard your flight. There's such a huge range of stylish bags out there that it makes you want to break the bank and buy them all. However, to save myself from bankruptcy, here are my top three:

Herschel Little America Backpack

This is definitely my favourite one, not only is it incredibly fashionable but comes in a range of colours. It’s based on the old-style mountaineering bags; transformed into this modern design, which brings practicality in tune with urbanised living.  You can pack quite a few things into it, so if you’re flying across the globe, you’ll have every essential you need right by your side.

The Idle Man Leather-Look Satchel Bag

These sorts of bags are for having your hands free and also needing to get to things quickly. If you’re rushed at the airport, it has an easy access small compartment at the front, and a luxury larger interior at the back, so you’ll always know where your important documents are without having to rummage through anything. An excellent compact size is just what you need when going on a short-haul flight, plus it’s easy to take on and off.

Mi-Pack Classic Backpack

Lastly on the list is the ergonomical Mi-Pack. It has the most comfortable suede fabric, a simple design and its ideal for being on the go. This rucksack definitely has that real quality feel to it, which is perfect if you are into having things looking high-end, just without the huge price tag.

outfit grid mens bags
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Travelling Somewhere Warm?

We all know the age old problem of what to wear in unpredictable weather, so if you’re travelling from the cold dullness of the city to the sunny sands, you’ll want an outfit that is easy to change.

My advice, is to wear a lightweight hoodie on the plane (which will keep air-conditioning chill away from your arms), comfy shorts, your favourite bright coloured t-shirt, and to have your tropical hat prepared for when you reach your destination. The great thing about wearing a hoodie, is that it can be rolled up into your trendy backpack to reveal more “holiday appropriate” clothing underneath.

outfit grid mens warm holiday flight look
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Colder Climates

If you are man that prefers his skiing holidays to sunbathing, then you’ll want something to keep you warm when you are stepping off the plane. The North Face Mcmurdo 2 Parka, is ideal to wear unzipped on your flight, not only is it incredibly stylish but it provides a lot of practicality.

This coat is built for the cold, the double entry compartment pockets will keep your hands toasty and the adjustable cuffs will keep any wind-chill out. Just pair with some denim jeans, and pair of high quality Dr.Marten boots,  and you will be fashionably prepared for your snowy adventures.

outfit grid mens winter look
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City to City

Short-haul flights normally mean the time of day/weather, is similar to where you started off. I would personally dress in something you know is going to look good, but is still going to make sure you have a comfortable flight.

A smart jacket is a great way to amplify your individuality. The best thing to wear under your jacket would be a polo shirt, as you can button it up or down depending on how the aeroplane air-con feels.

outfit grid short haul flight clothing
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And On That Note

I hope you have taken in all this advice for your trip abroad. Remember to balance comfort with style, and to make sure you have your outfit prepared the night before. No one is going to look perfect travelling, especially if their flight is at 3am, but at least you’ll look better than the rest, no matter what the time is!


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